Instantaneous Velocity…

I don’t know what I’m teaching tomorrow in three of my classes. I made some things, found some things, but I can’t get my head around the sense of it, and last night, was trying to figure out what instantaneous velocity is (it’s not what I thought, but now I know) and whether my kids need to know what it is (I still don’t know the answer to that), all of this while sitting at a school-board meeting because our board seems to think cost-of-living and inflation don’t matter, we will work our asses off no matter what, and staring at their faces as I’m WORKING THROUGH THEIR MEETING WHERE THEY VOTED TO PAY BOARD MEMBERS WHO DIDN’T SHOW UP LAST MONTH (seriously, can I get paid to not show up?), I’m more than a little irritated with them. There’s one I can stand. The others? Not so much. So there’s that fun stuff going on. By this afternoon, I will have a plan for tomorrow’s classes. I hope.

A bunch of high flyers in 7th grade were gone yesterday, and the classes worked amazingly well, even without an aide (for the 2nd day running). Good to know they are teachable when certain people are gone. Frustrating too, but hey. It was a good day for teaching, lots of labs in 8th grade that worked well…this one!

That’s a kid who doesn’t do much of anything in class. So I’m glad I got him to do something. Job skillz? Who knows. (We’re learning about inertia.)

I didn’t start sewing last night until 9:45…the night before, I got a bigger chunk of time, almost an hour and a half. Because I stopped grading things.

I finished one of the heads and the entire earth…then last night, I got a goodly chunk of the other head done…

I’m pretty stressed about not getting more art time right now. I’m having to work weekends for school just to keep my head above water and mostly ahead of the game. I delivered art yesterday after school for an upcoming show, which is cool, but I need to MAKE more art, and it’s just taking me so long to finish a quilt because of the day job. I can’t get far enough ahead…this weekend is problematic because of all the Visions things happening, which I’m excited about, but also stressed, because I still need to grade and plan for next week, and I’m having a hard time with it. I think I need to post a bunch of stuff for school this morning too, but I have a morning meeting and a union meeting after school, so I’m not sure how all this will get done. OK. Well here’s a picture of the dog who wouldn’t move so I could make the bed this morning.

His boy is home today, so hopefully that will help with his mopeyness. Who knows. I’m going to do some school stuff now. For quite a few hours. Then hopefully sew some more.

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