Head Banging

You know, I’m currently in a Zoom for school (yes, well before school hours) because they couldn’t send it in an email. It’s chaotic and I’m not going to remember any of it. Plus someone just ordered at Starbucks and was not on mute, so hopefully she got stuff for all of us. CLUSTERFUCK FRIDAY. I had a headache when I got up. It has NOT gone away.

I’m having a hard time concentrating to write this. Head banging away while listening to woman back East who apparently couldn’t do this Zoom at a time when it was reasonable for us to be required to go.

I ironed everything down on Wednesday night…the right way this time.

Wow those heads are big. But that’s real. They’re so big and in our faces. Stupid Supreme Court. I’m seriously not coherent today. I have school shit all over the place, grades due, too many things to get done, plus the Man has two shows this weekend and I have an artist talk. So I’m feeling sort of BEYOND overwhelmed. So deep breaths. All over the fucking place.

Last night, I did the serious iron…the spray with water and 30 seconds of heat over the whole thing. It’s all I had time for. Hoping that I can stitch sometime this weekend, but it’s not currently looking good (cries into her tea).

Note to self. Trying to write while this woman is talking is very difficult. Plus the dog is barking somewhere. I should figure out where. OK. I give up. Pro: It’s Friday. I need to get through today without feeling like I’m a shitty teacher (ugh), then meet with the parental units about their trip, then figure out how to get to the La Mesa Oktoberfest to see the Man play. Then hopefully get a full night’s sleep. Then grade my ass off on Saturday. Not sure I’ll make it to my guild meeting tomorrow. Then another show. OK. I’m getting my head around it.

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