Why Stop Now?

Hello Exhaustion, my old friend. One part labs all week with 8th graders (which hasn’t been bad, just a lot of moving…a LOT a lot), one part first full week of school for me, one part 7th graders who need to figure out how Nida rolls (we got close yesterday…it was MUCH better than Wednesday, which made me cry), and a final part of no real air conditioning, in fact, I get warm air blowing in the classroom by the end of the day. Saps your energy, makes it hard for the kids to think, which makes my job harder. That said, I feel like I’m finally getting a handle on things (despite the exhaustion). Hallelujah for a 3-day weekend though. Today will still be long and tiring, but there is a light at the end of it. I have a meeting this morning, labs for three periods, and then something I’m hoping the 7th graders will enjoy (or at least be engaged in), then I get to stand by a traffic signal in the sun for 15 minutes (aka my duty after school, to make sure kids don’t get killed by parents driving like maniacs…not sure which of those is the bigger maniac, actually. The kids don’t look and neither do the adults).

Then tonight, check out the opening of the new SAQA local show opening at Inspirations Gallery in Liberty Station, San Diego, CA.

I’m just looking at this card now and seeing the artist reception will be part of the SAQA Summit, so I’ll be there. But I’ll also be stopping by tonight during First Friday to check it out, dragging the Man (who is as exhausted as I am) so we can check it out. Pretending to be normal and not old and tired. Ha ha. We do go to each others’ stuff pretty regularly. I just bought my VIP ticket to the La Mesa Oktoberfest, where his band will be playing later this month. I don’t ‘bier’ much, but I’ll hang out and watch him play.

My piece Bill! Bill! Bill! is in the SAQA show…

Maybe Bill Nye will stop by and check it out.

I’m delivering work tomorrow to a show that opens on the 11th…your first chance to see The Way Out, at the PHES Gallery in Carlsbad.

The opening is from 2-5 PM on a Sunday. I’ll be there, probably closer to the beginning of that time.

Meanwhile, although I am working many school hours (graded until 9 PM last night again), I am getting a tiny bit of ironing done. Wednesday night, I got everything set up, laid out the first 100 pieces, and started ironing the first figure…

I didn’t get super far, and certainly last night, I really didn’t get far…

Three whole fingers. I hadn’t seen the Man before he left for band practice (I was still at work), then I worked a ton, started ironing, and he came home, so we hung out and talked about life, liberty, and IDK what else, outside, where it was not 100 degrees. My house holds heat like crazy, and this weekend is supposed to be over 100 degrees. Not looking forward to it.

OK, off to the meeting and the school and then the art. There’s a balance in there somewhere. I mean, some part of me just wants to check into an air-conditioned hotel and read my book all day while no one speaks, but I realize that’s not an option…so I’ll do the things and maybe read later. Plus art…ironing in high heat is something I do around this time every year…why stop now?

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