Ironing Weeds…

I’m always sort of boggled to see that two days have passed and I have only taken three pictures of my progress and/or daily life. That’s why I borrowed the girlchild’s photos for the Inspired by Architecture class…I literally didn’t have time to go take photos of architecture, unless it was my house, school, or the grocery store. Maybe the gas station. It’s not that I couldn’t have made those work…I just wanted to feel inspired honestly, and that’s hard in my daily life at the moment.

I am ironing at night though. Last night was hard…everything ran much later than I thought it would (my fault), so I didn’t get home earlier and I was tired and so I only got 45 minutes in. The night before, though, was well over an hour, wait, almost 2 hours, so that’s a balance right there. I was hoping for more every night, though. That’s on me.

This is where we’re at in the year though. We had an assignment with post-its and I found this one on a table. My first instinct is to copyedit it, of course…probably in class.

All of us teachers are bitches at some point. At least they spelled that right. I also got one penis drawing, anatomically incorrect of course. Middle-schoolers are nothing if not incredibly predictable.

So besides the daily commentary from kids on how school sucks and how each of us is the hardest teacher ever and gives us the most work…so far, we aren’t seeing any crazy outbreaks of COVID, despite the unmasking. Lots of kids still wear masks. A few teachers do. One went home sick yesterday, so I’m curious how this will all continue to play out. Personally, this bitch as hoe (sic) is just trying to survive the 13 days of teaching that are left before Spring Break.

The almost two hours of ironing ended up being the fussy rocks, the tortoise, and the owl…

Which will all look better when they are outlined appropriately with thread.

Then last night, I managed a coyote, a lizard, and some cactus…

There’s nothing fast about this process…although sometime tonight or tomorrow night, I’m gonna slap the sky together in about 100 really big pieces and it’s going to look much different. But for now, I’m still in the tiny little weeds (sometimes literally, I’m ironing weeds on there). I think there’s a hare and a bobcat in the future here.

I was gonna say something about not having to cook tonight, but I think I’m cooking tonight. Shit. OK. Well aim for the 45 minutes of ironing again, yeah? Actually, aim for an hour. It’s a good thing I thought about that. Meat was still in the freezer. Plus I’m sort of almost not really caught up with grading. I’m at least at a point where I’m not panicking about it any more. I’m sure that will change soon, but for right now, I’m breathing. OK, I also have a meeting this morning, but then my prep is for all the late work the panicked kids are turning in (oh wait, you GRADE the shit we do?). Hopefully I’ll get it all done and start grading unit packets. Then exercise, cook, and iron. Repeat.

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