Being Outside…

Today it is Friday. Today, the entire 7th grade is going on two field trips to close and similar places, but the zoo won’t let us bring our whole group any more. They say it’s always been that way, but that’s bullshit, because we’ve been bringing that whole huge group for the last IDK how many years. So we are split up, which isn’t half the work; it’s twice the work. I appreciate my team for the support and I have been second-guessing all of the plans since some time last week. Yesterday I got to school and the lunches had been canceled (long stupid story, not our fault). We’ve got drama over who is in whose group on whose bus. No this, no that. Multiple kids are losing their minds. So are multiple teachers.

We will be fine once we are on the buses. Coming back worries me…I have to teach 6th period. I never teach on field trip days, but I have 6th graders. Ugh. Their art projects need to get done. So I will be doing that. India ink. Hot glue. Stop yelling across the room. Stop traveling. Plus the grading pile is insane, even after grading every night this week AND just essentially throwing out three assignments. Ugh. Done. So done. Yeah, I had a day off last week, plus two 3-day weekends. Not enough.

The Ukraine situation sucks, by the way. It’s hard to watch, harder I’m sure to live through. I’m hoping some sanity prevails. Somewhere.

The plus is the ironing. I try for an hour every night. This was Wednesday…

It’s funny…I didn’t iron any of those Wonder Under pieces down last night…all I did was a section of the 1300s that I missed on the first round, a piece of the bottom corner with a jackrabbit and some grasses and some flowers. I did that last night. It took 39 minutes and that’s all I had in me.

But here’s where I’m at and I’m not even halfway yet.

I have some of the 500s left, a little less than half? Maybe? Then I move up into the arms and the desert plants. Before that, though, I have a tarantula, a rattlesnake, and I’m not sure what else. Pupfish? Yeah. So it won’t get done tonight. Today is gonna kick my ass, plus I’m cooking dinner (that was stupid). But I’ll do some of it before I collapse. I have nothing this weekend but hours of grading (not kidding on that) and hopefully a hike and maybe some sleep. It would be nice.

Anyway, gotta get out of here and go find the first aid backpack and make sure I have food and a full cup of tea in me, plus extra masks for the kids who will conveniently lose theirs by the time they get back to the bus. Ugh. Hoping the animals are out and about and my group is not too insane. Looking forward to being outside and walking around with a smaller group of kids; it’s usually a pretty good time. Wish the district people would make it easier for us to do this, but we do have everything paid for…the kids didn’t have to pay anything, so that is freakin’ awesome in itself. OK. Gonna stay off the news…

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