One More Day…

OK, one more day of school. My copyediting job starts today. The holidays are like impending doom, but I think I can handle them. I have 78 things to do this morning before school, but I have my ugly Christmas not-sweater (it’s a sweatshirt) on so I’m ready for something. A rapid COVID test mostly…but that’s another thing. Sigh.

I started stitch down the other night.

I didn’t get far. Tired. Exhausted really.

I did a little last night too. The new machine is so easy to use for this. Man oh man, such a joy.

Anyway. Not much else to say except Happy Friday, may all your rapid tests be negative, and may the cookies be healthy but tasty. And may all the really annoying kids be absent today (don’t even bring up that TikTok challenge for today y’all. Not in the mood.).

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