Never Long Enough…

Ah hello. We are still sad. Calli (full name Calliope) was with us since she was 4 months old…she was the girlchild’s dog, but stayed here when she went off to college. We expected this much sooner, due to the sarcoma that was developing on her nose, but she was a stubborn old girl and hung on for a good long time. Not long enough, though…never long enough.

We’re in the stage of crying every time we see a photo of her. The top one is my favorite ever. She was a big loving goofball and we will greatly miss her.

Meanwhile, it is Thanksgiving week and all the food things are supposed to be happening, although for us, the one I have to cook for is on Friday, so that will be a little offset from the rest of you. Couldn’t figure out how to BE at one holiday party while cooking for the the other one. So we moved one. It’s fine. Not in the mood, honestly. Hung out with friends for tacos yesterday, read a lot of my book, cleaned house some, graded some, did a chunk of yardwork this morning (it’s never enough), got a massage because my chiropractor could not budge my neck at all last week, my muscles were so tight. Today is a long list of to-dos around the house and things I need to buy, from wiper fluid to a hanger for a piece of art. I hung three pieces of art on Sunday, and have two more to locate. One needs a sleeve, though, so I have to add that to the list. I entered an art show today and have some digital stuff to do for two other art groups I’m in. None of it is particularly hard…it all just takes time and when I’m teaching, I don’t have time for any of it. I’ve started dealing with Christmas gifts, mostly trying to find stuff that will give money back to small indie artists. That’s hard for some of my giftees, but I’m trying.

I’ve been cutting a lot of pieces out…

It doesn’t require much brainpower…down in the 900s here.

And last night, down into the 500s mostly. I see a few 600s still, but not many. Eleven hours in. At least 5 more to go, I suspect. Another couple of nights? Then sort and iron together. And think about the next one.

Hey, Nova.

She tried my lap, but it had quilt parts on it. Besides Daddy is more comfy. Maybe.

Anyway, we are quietly hanging out and cleaning up (well I am…the rest aren’t so much). The boychild is out working today but will be helping cook, because the girlchild will not be home…she’s spending Thanksgiving in Finland, of all places…ah, Boston, the home of cheap Euro flights. Enjoy kiddo.

OK, back to the to-do list and trying to figure out what to do with half-open bags of dog food and dog meds and a cone for a big dog. I mean, I’m sure I’ll have another big dog someday, but not sometime soon. Sigh. Miss you Calli.

3 thoughts on “Never Long Enough…

  1. Sorry about your loss. It’s always really hard to say goodbye to a much-loved family pet, even though you know its the right thing to do.


  2. I am so sorry. It is never a good time to lose a pet, but I imagine it would be especially hard around a holiday. Take it easy on yourself. You are so busy, I wonder if it would help to hire someone to do some of your tasks. I don’t know how, but I just watched a video that recommended doing that.


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