Get the Good Stuff Done…

So only three days before a well-deserved break. How I felt at the end of four days off on Sunday tells me I need the next 9 pretty badly. That said, they are the 9 Days of the Food Coma, mostly preparing for the Food Coma and then surviving the Food Coma, and I’m bringing home two major assignments to grade, so I’m not expecting much. I would like to be done ironing this quilt by this weekend, though, and it would be cool if I were cut out and ironing the thing together by the end of that 9 days. So much for an early December finish, though. That’s not happening. Ah well. I’m gritting my teeth into the holidays…need to do a copyediting job in the middle of all of it, plus parse out a shitty tobacco curriculum produced by Stanford University, of all places. I expected more from them. Maybe it’s just high-school level and my 2nd-grade-level readers can’t deal with 80 slides packed with info. Hell, I can’t deal with 80 slides packed with info. These block-schedule classes are just like mushing cats through snow when it comes to info…it is overload for the kids, and although we can think of ways to make it easier, a lot of them come with less info, more busywork, which is silly. Or a ton of work for us creating curriculum because the stuff we’ve been provided isn’t appropriate. SIGH. That’s a big one. Ah well. At least the next project is interesting. And works pretty well, I think.

I was at school or a school board meeting yesterday from 7:30 AM to almost 7 PM. I’m tired today. When am I not? The sun sets on the school parking lot…

Certainly I’m teaching one thing differently today to my lowest class after watching my second-lowest class yesterday brain fart all over the place. Just give us the answers! I’m not doing that.

Anyway. I ironed both nights, always a good thing, but only really got the sky done. It’s big, but it’s not a ton of pieces. It just took forever to do. Here was the first night, when I got about halfway through the sky pieces.

And last night, after the second half…

I didn’t even finish the sky…there’s clouds and stars. I did get through piece 998…

Tons of fabrics being used so far. So I have book club tonight…might not have the energy to come back and iron, but I’ve got a little over 500 pieces to go. That seems like a lot…it IS a lot. Picking out fabrics for ironing people is really time-consuming. And brain-consuming. It’s good, though. I’m looking forward to this one coming together. It’s a big, complicated quilt…my favorite to make.

Speaking of big, complicated quilts…Coronawood finally found a show where it fits…Art Quilt Elements in Wayne, PA.

Big and complicated, like I said. Dino bones included.

Enjoy it if you get to see it.

So I’m not quite at this stage yet…

Although I predict I will get there. Sometimes the level of crazy in school districts boggles me. I used to have more faith in my district…no more. Anyway. Three more days. I feel like I can do three days, yeah? And then find some time for hiking and drawing and honestly sleeping. That’s been an issue lately. Too worried about stuff. Ugh. Hate that. Also need more caffeine and maybe cookies. And more time to get the good stuff done. That.

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