Today I Am…

Today I am efficient and on task. I finish many things. I make sure I leave my Friday classroom ready for Monday morning so that is not as stressful. I come home. I maybe exercise my dog and my self and maybe even another dog. Because we have an extra one at the moment.

What a dynamic group they are. It’s actually really hard to get them in one photo because they are all needy and jealous of the others. This was as close as I could get so far.

School is…sometimes fine, often overwhelming. I like teaching in person better. The kids and rocks…you know, rocks seem pretty boring until you listen to a bunch of 12-year-olds try to describe them and figure out what they are. We do a ton of hands-on stuff that our official adopted curriculum doesn’t even attempt to do. Hence our disdain for it. All that is exhausting on our part, though…prepping it, managing it, putting it away. So I’m kind of looking forward to a week when I don’t have to do all that. Well, until I’m in the middle of that week and a whole class is waiting for me to give them the answers. Then not so much. But hopefully today will be OK, fairly chill. Do this, finish that, do this other easy thing. We’ll see.

Teaching art is more of a challenge. I wish I could go watch the other teacher and see what she does. I feel so disorganized and ineffective. But then they do some cool stuff and I think, well, it can’t be THAT bad. Yes, some of them are just talented (and some aren’t), and some work hard and that gets them close (and some don’t). Just like science!

Anyway. It’s October now. Still a chance of hellacious temperatures (supposed to be over 90 degrees today), but hopefully all the beginning-of-school stuff will calm down. Wait. Except I have 5 or 6 pandemic contracts to do by Monday. And three kid meetings next week? So not so much. I was hoping for a week without a positive case, so I wouldn’t feel like I had to shove COVID testing into an already tight schedule. Yah no. That’s a no. Got tested yesterday.

I did finally photograph this.

She needs a name and a label, and then I’m mailing her to my patron on Patreon…hopefully this weekend.

Also this weekend? Starting a drawing for the new quilt. I stared at a bunch of artspeak statements and titles last night and was decidedly uninspired by two of them. Whatever. I will have to write statements that explain how I met those themes at some point, but not today. Today I can grab my sketchbook and just draw for a while. Hopefully. Looking forward to that.

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