Mad Skillz

Today’s blog challenge topic is “skills I wish I had.” Well, y’all are gonna be disappointed because none of them are quilt-, fabric-, or sewing-related. Because all of those I either have or know that I could have if I really wanted them. In fact, it’s the same thing I tell all my students…wanna get better at it? Then practice. Sure, I’d love to be able to pick up a guitar and strum away, singing along, but I’d need to practice to be able to do that, and I just don’t want to that much.

I need skills in installing sprinklers, doing electrical work, maybe some plumbing…now THAT would be freakin’ useful to me. I guess I need to hire experts for that.

But let’s get back to sewing etc…I sewed my first clothing on a machine at age 8 or so, and I know I was doing handwork before that. There was a time when I wanted to know how to quilt, how to hand-applique, how to embroider, how to paint on fabric. So I took classes and messed around and practiced, and now I know how to do those things. Occasionally I wish I could knit or crochet (I do know how, just not well), but then that bug leaves me and I go back down the fabric rabbit hole. With YouTube and online classes, you probably don’t even need to leave your house to learn how to do something new these days. So really, need skills? Need the willpower to try and practice it until you have them.

It’s been a long day of teaching. I straight up don’t have a lot of patience right now. Sorry.

I keep ironing though…

I found a bigger box for the ironed pieces, because I’m about to start ironing the sky, and it’s a lot of bigger pieces. More tonight. More tomorrow night. More until I’m done.

The skies lately have been lovely…this was the morning…

Then on my walk this evening…

I missed the sunset part…I was on the wrong side of the hill for that. I saw it from far away, and then it was gone.

Ah, old lady…you are lasting well. Calli is a good girl.

They said 6-8 months and we just hit month 6. I hope it’s easy for her, because it won’t be easy for any of us.

The neighbors have a vineyard. Like you do.

Gonna go grade a bunch of stuff. Try to figure out how to deal with the new attendance system, which I really don’t understand. Trying not to stress too hard over the next week or so of school…or even the next unit. Trying not to stress too hard over anything, but I’m not sleeping and that’s not helping. Keep exercising, keep making art, keep trying.

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