Finally Ironed…

One thing I love about this week is that feeling that starts to rise up…the one that feels like days off from work…the anticipation of not having to write lesson plans or create curriculum from your butt because your district hasn’t given you any for the last 4+ years and the damn standards changed or even just that glorious feeling that I can stay up late, sleep in the next morning (fuck, I’ve got jury duty next Monday…even earlier than fucking school, the bastards), and make art for hours without having to worry about that whole day job thing. But also, the panicked emails of parents who want a miracle for their student’s lack of work in the form of a parent meeting NOW it must be NOW why can’t you do it NOW. Fun stuff. It won’t fix the progress report that’s coming home. So meetings and emails…lots of them.

So now I have a quiz to grade…not sure I have the brainpower for it. We have a lab today anyway, so it won’t be happening yet. It’s a lab we’ve never done before exactly like this…so we’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping it goes well. It meant I had to traipse around to three stores last night trying to find two different types of chocolate chip cookie (long story), and also do the grocery shopping, and then cook dinner. Long day. I finished grades at school before I left, so as of now, they’re complete. Which is nice. I have tons of work to do at school still…they’ll make us clean our rooms so THEY can clean our rooms. Plus we need to make glaciers. Being a science teacher is a weird job sometimes.

It was late when I made it in here, but I entered a show, dealt with a bunch of personal stuff, emails, bills, figuring out that I need to ship three quilts this week alone…which means I need at least one box. And the girlchild comes home Saturday night, so her room needs about 40 quilts moved. Minor issue.

I bought the background fabric on Wednesday night last week, and then wasn’t able to get any of the ironing done. I had to stitch the background together first, make it big enough…

This was an easy ironing job…

Mostly one solid piece, not a lot of fussiness.

Calli helped.

Not at all. In no way, shape, or form.

Now they’re ready to be stitched down tonight. Hopefully that will be easy peasy…

And then I can finally quilt this bastard, like three weeks late. Sigh. Oh well. It’ll get done.

One of my students. I want you to see what I get to deal with…

Best part is his spelling of science.

I have a piece in CraftForms right now, at the Wayne Art Center in Wayne, PA.

See if you can figure out which one it is…

It looks like an interesting show actually…lots of variety in materials and shapes and techniques…

Too bad I don’t live near Pennsylvania.

It’ll be there until February 1. Check it out!

OK, off to the mines. That’s what we’re doing today…mining. It’ll be good. Really. Then tutoring. I’m already tired. I think I’m cooking again tonight too. Ugh. OK. Work. Four more days. Translator canceled for this morning’s meeting. Could be difficult.

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