It’s Not Monday, But It Is…

It’s not Monday but it is. Having an extra day off just confuses my brain. Last night around 9 PM, I finished grades. Woo hoo! I think. I mean, you never finish until June, but the report card grades are due today at 2 PM, so I kinda had to be done. I cut one tiny corner and I got irritated at a lot of students who do stupid shit, which is really a waste of time. They will do stupid shit whether I get irritated or not, so I should just stop being irritated. Except they waste my time with their stupid shit. I hate wasting time. This job sucks for that though. Acceptance. Yeah.

I’ve been grinding my teeth a lot lately. I manage to dump it when I’m artmaking, when I’m exercising. Wait. That’s it. Those two times. OK. Well. More of that. It’s not like grading has gone away. I have a major project at school that needs grading. I’ll get started on that today hopefully. We’ll see. These kids are needy. But my goal is to get this unit graded before Thanksgiving and then the project they’re starting today…that will have to get done over Thanksgiving break. Ugh. This job sometimes.

Simba was having a post-bark-fest moment.

He seems like he is anxiously contemplating his barking habit. Probably not though.

I spent a lot of time on that couch yesterday. I managed pilates, grocery shopping, and pet food shopping off the couch.

I actually didn’t start cutting stuff out until 10 or so. It was cold last night, so Calli joined me…

I got through another yard…

So there’s only two left…

Piles o’ numbers.

I have a parent meeting this morning and an educational meeting about special education and the law in the afternoon. I won’t get home until late. So there’s that. I probably won’t do any grading tonight. I feel like when I do long days that I shouldn’t make myself do more at home. Although sometimes it’s easier because you’re already in that mindset. I don’t think it helps the next day though…it feels nonstop. Jobs shouldn’t feel nonstop. The dog woke me up barking at 4:35 AM this morning, right in the middle of a dream…about school. Yup. Sad but true. I could be dreaming about flying, but no. I’m teaching.

OK. Meeting. Teaching. Meeting.

Then art. All these animals do is SLEEP. I’m so jealous.

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