I Stormed…

I am Edward Koch from South Carolina usa . I have been on the lookout for some artworks lately in regards to I and my wife’s anniversary which is just around the corner. I stormed on some of your works which i found quite impressive and intriguing.

So I get these types of emails all the time, total scams. I usually don’t waste time on answering, but I did appreciate that he STORMED on some of my works. I also STORM on them. No really. I kinda do. Anyway. I’m guessing no money will be made from Mr. Koch from South Carolina.

3 AM barking from the pup. Ugh. Still fighting this cold. Double ugh.

So I have another writing assignment I’m grading. The last one took over 9 hours to get through, and only about 110 kids actually turned it in. I’m trying to do this one in batches, but not batch sizes that kill me. I was trying to finish one class last night, but I’d done a couple of fairly frustrating ones, and then I got to this one…

This is where my brain said, no, stop, you can’t, you don’t even know what to write in response because none of it matches up to anything you gave them. Well, we did do a lab called Growing Air and the smiling thing is a balloon I drew a smiley face on so they could see if it grew or not and we did talk about solids and liquids, but that was the other assignment. So I took a deep breath, remembered that this child has a significant understanding problem (maybe we should do something about that, but I don’t know where to start? Well, I do…), wrote her a solid response and invited her to tutoring. And then I quit for the night. Because I couldn’t. Not any more.

So I ironed. I STORMED the ironing.

Honestly, I spent the first 20 minutes trying to figure out how to iron stuff on this huge piece without the rest of it falling off the ironing board. Problematic.

I made it to the body! Always iron the eyes together separately and then place them on the face, so as to not have crooked eyes.

I ironed the head separately from the landscape…it was just easier…

And then fit it and the background into the existing stuff…

You can see where the arm belongs between the foreground pieces…I got one arm done and a goodly chunk of the other arm, plus part of the torso.

I wanted to finish lungs and heart, but knew it was already midnight and I’m fighting illness, plus I had to be up a little early for a parent meeting…only 3 of them this week. Ugh. Tonight is the SAQA meeting…I can’t take this with me, but I’ll find something to work on. Then I’ll come home and iron some more. I might finish grading that one class of assignments. Maybe at tutoring? I don’t know. It’s hard to concentrate there and I am trying to help kids do stuff too, so it’s not really a great place to work. All the newer teachers will be at some meeting, so I’m not even sure who will be there with me. Awkward. Oh well. Taking my sick self to work. Happy about the progress on here…hope it continues. I think I hit halfway last night? There’s a lot of details in the body…so that will slow me down a bit, but my current goal is to be ironed together by Friday and then stitch down Saturday, sandwich and quilt starting Sunday. I’m tight on time really. Always.

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