The Clocks Will All Run Backwards*

I should remember that just because I stay up late and should be able to sleep in the next morning, most of the furry beasts in the house will not actually allow me to do that. Yes, Calli, I’m talking to you. I stumbled down the hallway with my eyes closed to let her out to pee. Then went back to bed. For some reason, that wasn’t good enough, and she made me get up again in 20 minutes. Ugh. You know what she’s doing now? Sleeping.

Yeah, I stayed up late ironing. I was exhausted, so I didn’t even start ironing until like 10 PM or so, but then I got on a roll and kept going. Basically, it’s easier to pick and iron all the flesh fabrics in one go, so that’s what I did. I do have a shitload of grading to do this weekend, which I did some of last night, but I have to read about 115 essays (they’re short, but painful) this weekend, which might take some serious brainpower that I’m not sure I have. I’ve already tried to delay it twice. Ugh. Just do it. That’s what I know will work. Go run a mile in between every class period worth of essays. Not really. But a walk might help.

So yeah. Laid out all the flesh fabrics.

Then started ironing them all down. Slowly. These are all the pieces at level 4 in the run.

Trying to get them all in the same range in this hand-dyed fabric.

You can see the whole flesh run on the left.

The pile of stuff to be cut out is getting bigger. I still have a ton of pieces that need ironing…basically everything that isn’t flesh…

The lungs, heart, eyes, and all the stuff I drew in the body. That’ll take a while to get done. Hopefully I’ll do some today and some tomorrow. Essays first.

Meanwhile, girlchild in NYC…

Bottomless mimosas. Well. Not the way MY Saturday is going, but she’s young. And not driving anywhere. I’m just hoping to have some time tonight to do something besides grading. Goalz.

*World Party, Way Down Now

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