I Have a List…

Today is the Day of Errands. There are a million of them. They keep piling up. They annoy me. They need doing. They’re complicated. Girlchild just got a job! It’s a temp job, but in the fields she wants, so that’s good. After 69 applications. Yup. It’s a wide-open market apparently.

Yesterday was the day of retirement planning. I don’t have enough money, apparently, Somewhat stressful. Debating whether I need a financial planner. Gonna be debating it for a bit I think.

The pro is that I got all the tracing done. The con is that it was around 1 AM and then the dogs were up early today, so I’m kinda braindead this morning. Every morning kinda looks like this. Food. Tea. Sleepy Kitten.

Me staring at a computer screen.

Washed and ironed this…

And this…although the cherry stains are still showing. I need to figure that out.

I finished the second Patreon video for this month.

Now I just need to do a drawing before the end of the month.

There’s my piece Womanscape during some event at the Carnegie Center

That’s cool. Look! Children in the room are not dying or being traumatized because of nudity. Just wanted to point that out.

Here’s my light table, by the way. It’s homemade. I didn’t make it. A friend of my parents did stained glass and was downsizing, so I got this for free. I put LED bulbs in, which is about the only thing that saves me when it’s hot out…

I turned off all the lights in the living room last night except for the light table and the TV…it puts off a lot of light.

But it’s not hot light.

There. The last yard. I think there’s about 4 yards after all that misnumbering crazy shit. There weren’t any more mistakes, by the way. I did the last 300 pieces last night, for a total of 12 hours and 48 minutes. That’s a lot for a piece this size. But the clusterfucks were major. Now I’m ready to cut it out.

I worked on this for a while too, while I was trying to get my brain to shut down…

So many things going on. Baby lizard. Simba tried to eat it and I squealed.

Don’t eat baby lizards…

Calli waiting for her meds…

Old lady. Thinks they’re treats. This one is still sleeping…

I need a shower and a list of things to do. I have a list. I just really don’t want to deal with it.

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