Not to Do What I Have Done*

UGH. Yes. UGH. Woke up with low blood sugar, makes me feel wonderful, holey moley IDK what I even did to deserve that. Love random blood sugar issues. Yesterday: taught all day, pretty chill, stuff I’ve done before, feels comfortable to be doing that sometimes, then a contentious 2-hour curriculum meeting. I love it when the people in charge of the asylum are crazier than those in it. Plus our views of curriculum are so different, even when we teach the same age of kids. And that one woman who basically said our kids were bored because WE weren’t passionate. Oh honey, we’re passionate, and right now, it’s about you and your stupid statements. It’s probably a good thing we weren’t allowed to comment on what she was saying. It would not have been nice.

It was a long day. I graded something. I exercised. I read. I ate my dinner. I entered an art show. Eventually I did art things.

This is not an art thing. This is a very sleepy puppy. I don’t know why he’s so sleepy.

But it was nice. Little furry beasts curled up next to me on the couch is a very nice and comforting thing. There are 12 days of school until Spring Break. I need nice and comforting things.

Honestly, Satch is not really nice and comforting. He’s all right as cats go, but bullies my cat, who won’t even come out here any more. Sigh. And he snores. I still pet him.

I think he needs a therapist though. See that big pile of stuff to be cut out? Yeah. So do I. After almost 2 hours, I managed to make it look smaller. Not a lot smaller, though.

Sigh. Well I have quilt class tonight. Let’s hope that after that, it looks significantly smaller. Some of the issue is that I’ve been cutting out all the tiny pieces, and the big pieces take up more room in the box but don’t necessarily take longer to cut out. So I do expect a change after tonight. Dammit. Really. I guess the pile of trash is bigger. I should know because I lost a piece in it last night. Sigh.

I’m stressed. I need to not be as stressed as I am. I constantly feel like I’ve forgotten to do something. And then I find out I did! I did! Oh good. Tonight I will be semi-social and I will make art things and I will try to relax a bit. Just a bit because SCHOOL TEACHING AHHH. I’m dropping my car off this morning to try to fix the intermittent stalling problem before I drive to Utah in 3 weeks…I can meditate in the boychild’s car as he (who is hopefully waking up soon) drives me to work. Or nap. I could nap. That also might help.

Tune in next time for progress. More progress with little tiny pieces of fabric that don’t cure cancer or save starving children. Yup. I’m in a mood. Need to get out of that before I have students in my presence. Definitely. Go back and look at pictures of the puppy. Who is not a puppy.

*Animals, House of the Rising Sun

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