Now I Know How Joan of Arc Felt*

I’m fighting a sore throat. I suspect I’m losing. So many people around me were sick last week. I don’t get sick very often. Hopefully it will be low-key and not hellacious. I only have two labs and a field trip this week. No biggie. It’s never easy to be a teacher and be sick. Staying home and doing sub plans and then coming back to the disaster they have wrought is hell…and so is being in the classroom when you don’t feel well. Anyway…let’s hope a lot of hot tea helps.

I just checked my time app and I’ve been quilting this beast for over 18 hours. I had to take a break for a bit there…couldn’t handle it for a few days. But now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I just want it done. I put in about another hour and a half last night…

Made it all the way around the 3rd side…there was more of it than I had thought…and around the corner, which was a vast expanse of blue…

Dark blue fabric. Dark blue thread. Night time. It’s not easy. So I’m close to halfway around the last side, but I have to do that blue bit going into the image, where the clouds are and the cat and the rattlesnake’s tail. And then I can’t remember how much of the sun I got around at the beginning. Hopefully a lot, because then I’ll really be almost done. On to trimming and binding.

I can’t get much done most nights right now because I’m trying to get through all the grading. Grades are due in about a week and I ended up with 139 emails from kids trying to turn late stuff in. They’re STILL trying, but I’m ignoring it. The deadline was midnight Friday. If I have time, I’ll do the stuff after the deadline, but mostly I don’t. I finished two full assignments this weekend, so that feels good. Don’t even ask how many I have left…it’s a lot. More than I would like. I also need to write a study guide before Thursday and check the test and make sure it’s still relevant. Try to see if there’s a better way to GIVE the test so I don’t have to grade as much of it by hand. I suspect not. We don’t give a lot of tests as it is…so I think this was the best option we had.

I was at quilt class on Thursday and my teacher (who no longer teaches me anything…) is moving this year, so she’s cleaning out her school classroom and her home. I ended up with science supplies and these fabrics…

I think I was even with her when she bought them. I’ll enjoy using them…

Dog pictures…I always have so many of these.

Calli keeps trying to eat Satchemo’s cardboard scratching toy. I had to yell at her twice this morning. It’s not a snack, dammit.

Kitten’s eye is much better, although she still needs drops.

She’s not particularly friendly about the drops. Speaking of friendly, Simba wants morning pets.

And possibly my breakfast.

OK, well, after a cup of tea, my throat is somewhat better. The new diabetes med I’m on seems to make me pee about 78 times a day. I’m a little frightened about that for school. Some people say it gets better after a few days, so we’ll see. It’s not really sustainable if I have to pee every hour at school. I just don’t have the ability to do that.

And here’s my philosophical moment. I think I got my city (county?) back. If you’ve been here long enough, you know I went through a bad breakup a bunch of years ago. It was completely out of the blue and threw me for a loop. And as part of that, I felt like I lost some parts of my city…there were places I couldn’t go to because I felt like they were tainted by the relationship or even that I was afraid that I would run into him and I didn’t want to deal with that. Sometimes I just wouldn’t go to certain events. I realize that’s not the healthiest thing in the world, and certainly, being paranoid every time you go into Trader Joe’s sucks, but it’s where my brain ended up…and that was a lot healthier than it had been. Anyway, I found out last week that he moved. He gave me the city back. I’m sure that’s not why he moved, but it’s weird how I feel about it. Better: I got my city back. For sure he didn’t give me anything. It was ages ago and I didn’t even realize I was still carrying it around, although the last time I went to the Indian restaurant we used to always go to, I felt it…looking around to be sure he wasn’t there. The guy who works there used to ask about him, but he’s stopped…which is good, because that was a hard one. But now he’s gone. He doesn’t inhabit this space at all, and that is a wondrous and expansive thing. Seriously, I feel like I can stretch my arms out and take in the whole county now. I guess it helps to know he moved down here to be with me, so this was not his space to begin with…and I had this definite voice in my head that was yelling at him to leave quite a few times when I thought “you can’t go to that. He’ll be there.” So my screwed-up mind aside, it’s a good thing. I’ll keep working on the screwed-up mind thing. It’s been a work in progress my entire life. Certainly the last 10 years it’s been a challenge LOL.

With that, I need to take my sick self to school (somewhere he never went…) and attempt to be a competent educator. We’ll see how that goes. More tea please.

*The Smiths, Bigmouth Strikes Again

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