They Spun a Web for Me*

I made this breakfast casserole on Monday to encourage me to eat something useful in the morning, and I keep thinking, oh, it’s so easy, and it tastes good, it’s just eggs, sausage, and spinach, and this morning, I’m sitting here eating it, and it’s not often that I eat the same thing without getting tired of it, and I’m thinking, it’s because it’s so simple, but no. It’s because of the cheese. I forgot about the cheese. Cheese is wonderful. I love cheese. I don’t know how tasty this would be without it. Probably still OK, and next time, I might add more spinach or put some other veggie in it, but the cheese is staying. Well. That is my morning ode to cheese. It might be the most meaningful thing I say today.

Yesterday, I managed to teach an entire lab about photosynthesis with kids going outside to gather plant material, even in the rain, even though the sun disappeared after 2nd period. Let’s just say I made two fake suns in the back of the room. Good to know we have enough lamps and lightbulbs (I found them! They were in a “logical” place.) to pretend to be the sun for 10 minutes. I remember last year, standing in Home Depot, trying to figure out what type of lightbulb would work, since you can’t buy regular incandescent bulbs any more. These are halogens and they pretend to be the sun pretty well. For a short time. I couldn’t grow crops in my room with them or anything.

Then I spent two hours at a curriculum meeting, before deciding that going home for 5 minutes and then driving in the rain out to book club, which is a pain in the ass for parking, was not gonna happen. I was sad, but exhausted. I came home and ate the boychild’s food instead and then did some stuff and things, like you do, and maybe I have everything for today that I need? But you just never know. I’m up early this morning to take my car in, hoping it’s just spark plugs and not something else stupid. I’m lucky to have one friend who lives around the corner from the shop and will drive me to school after I drop the car off.

Kitten has a goopy eye. It’s not this one.

She wouldn’t face me. She’s mad at me. She has to have drops three times a day, and it’s not fun for anyone really, but we’re trying to make her feel better, which might be the only reason she doesn’t flat out kill us when we do it. Boychild just uses leather gloves. I bully it out and hold her and pet her and talk sweet somethings into her ear as she growls and squirms. And then she glares at me for an hour. Truly fun cats are. Eight more days of it. Whoo!

Puppy is a good sleeper.

He likes to curl up next to you, or even better, on your leg, half perched, and then zonks out. It’s sweet. Except then you can’t move because you feel guilty for disturbing him.

I did quilt last night for about an hour and a half.

Otherwise I was pretty brain dead. I’m actually really impressed I got that much done. I finished one whole LOOOOONG side, almost. It took that long because the thread broke about 7 times and I had to replace at least one bobbin, and there were a few incursions into the figures where I had missed stitching the background before. In fact, looking at this picture, I may have some armpits to fill in. Not sure.

So I have two more long sides, one with a significant divot into the figures that probably qualifies as almost another side. If the thread doesn’t break, which doesn’t seem likely, I might finish in 3 hours. That’s longer than I thought. I have tonight and a little bit of tomorrow night. My weekend is a little crazy. I have at least 75 emails from kids about makeup work, which is good…I’d rather have them turning it in and hopefully bringing their grades up, but it’s a pain on my end to get through all of that checking of the late work. I wish they would figure out they have work missing throughout the trimester, but it seems like they only do it when I hand them a little slip of paper with the assignments listed on it. Sigh.

Another thing I’ll be working on tonight is a few designs for embroidery…like for sale. We’ll see if this works out, but if it does, it’ll be a way people can interact with my work for much cheaper and without having to be near a show. It will look different too, but I’m interested in what that might turn out to be. Anyway. I have some ideas and we’ll see how they go.

Meanwhile, Kitten is offended by the computer mouse and the Sharpie lying next to it. I’m afraid when I start mousing, she’s gonna whack me. I probably deserve it for the eye drops.

*Coldplay, Trouble

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