Always Had a Fear of Being Typical*

So. So many things in my head for the last long weekend until May. I want to get EVERYTHING done PLUS go see art and music and eat and hike and all that stuff. So Many Things. So many things that I don’t know where to start. There’s definitely schoolwork to be done. Tons of it. I did a little last night…more to come. I need to do some every day, basically. An assignment a day would be good. More than one would be better. Eyes wide. Shit. End of trimester looms.

Art. There’s always art to be done. I know I want to be done with the quilting this weekend…

Figure 5 got done last night, except for her left wing and a cloudy bit on her left arm.

It took about 2 hours to get that much done.

I had help.

If you call lying around on the floor and depositing hair on the chair help. Also my sweater collection on the chair is interesting. I don’t know if I get warm because of the lights or because I’m wrestling this giant-ass beast of a quilt around to get it quilted, but whatever sweater I’m wearing just ends up discarded on that chair until I pick them all up and put them away.

I have the sun left to outline (won’t take long) and then I’m quilting the background, which will be a rancid pain in the ass. I’m not sure how long that will take…at least a couple of hours. There’s not a lot of big open space, like the last one, but there are a lot of fussy little bits in between all the faces.

You can see where I stopped…at midnight thirty. I was tired. I’m still tired. I stayed up too late this week. Trying to settle my head.

Kitten approves.

So I want to finish the quilting before Monday and then go buy binding fabric…trim this beast and get a binding on it. Move the fuck on to the next one. I did go copy and enlarge the original drawing that I’ve been fucking with…so I can trace the outline of the head and then do what I want. I try to draw smaller first, so when I enlarge, it’s not crazy tiny pieces. But that’s just not working for me. So fuck it. Let’s do this thing.

On top of that, I just started a thing where I might be doing some drawings that can be hand-embroidered, partnering with someone who sells this stuff at all the shows. So that’s a thing. If it happens and it’s cool, maybe y’all will like that. Although apparently I need to hide some penises in the drawings. I find penises are hard to hide, personally. They tend to just be Out There. But hey. We’ll see. Some drawings this weekend, then. And next week. Crazy idea, really, but I’m intrigued by the possibilities. It’s a different mindset for looking at what I do. But not an impossible one. I know what the old guy who lives here will say…something about why do I take on more stuff when I’m already overwhelmed? Because it’s an interesting idea that could turn into some income. Or just be cool…hard to say.

Speaking of cool, you rarely see my coworkers…here’s my science coworker-in-crime. Why this picture? When we order stuff using our own money and need reimbursement, the district wants to see pictures of the things we ordered with the invoice…I guess to prove we bought it? And didn’t return it?

So we’re constantly taking photos of the innards of boxes. She was helping…yes we bought that many plastic beakers. We use this shit. And they were very reasonably priced. Hopefully they’ll reimburse.

I also want to walk the dogs this weekend. I want to go to the gym too. And read my book! No small list.

*Imagine Dragons, Whatever It Takes

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