Love’s What I Got; Don’t Start a Riot*

Happy V Day y’all. May love pour down on you from the most unexpected places. And for those of you like me who teach through this candy-fueled holiday, I wish you luck. I’d also like to thank the administrator who thought telling kids on a broadcast announcement in 7th period that they couldn’t bring balloons and gifts and candy to class was a good idea. I realize they were desperate, once they realized what today was going to be, but that was a discussion I didn’t need to have in the middle of demonstrating exothermic and endothermic reactions (the reaction in class, by the way, was decidedly exothermic). Oh yeah, and it’s a rain day, so kids are already psychotic. Dear parents, when your child comes home sopping wet and you wonder if we let them stand out in the rain, well yes…yes we do, because your child is taller than I am and with all the rain we’ve had this year (for Southern California, this is a deluge), we’re tired of yelling at them to get out of the rain. They just go out and stand in it, staring up, gobsmacked at the experience. So we let them have it. And if they get sick because of it, well really, you should do more to increase their immune system. Like feed them good food and make sure they don’t play video games until 2 AM. Yeah, like THAT’S an easy thing to do. It’s OK. I parented two of them. Who knows what damage I did. Certainly there were times they came home sopping wet and I wondered why.

But love…let’s feel the love. Me? I felt the love of a Golden Retriever at 5:30 AM when she thought she wanted to pee but then saw the weather. We’ll be going out tonight (not me and the dog…just to be clear…but me and that guy who lives here), unlike most V-days…because my guy got band practice moved off of Thursday night. So that’s love for you.

I got puppy love last night too…grading while watching TV with a puppy companion.

And then the big girl, who apparently now associates rain with thunder, even when there isn’t any, and is anxious constantly.

She eventually settled down next to me as well.

I entered a show before that. I’ve got two more to do in the next few days, one before tomorrow, but I was hoping to hear back from something else first…just to be sure what was available. I guess I could send an email about that. Aargh.

I started quilting late, around 10:30 PM.

I was really tired at the start, but this stuff invigorates me. Art brain wakes up and wants to party. Slowly. With a stabby needle and bad lighting. I thought, well, can I really get Figure 4 done? It’s a big head. She has lots of snakes for hair.

Well, Kathy, the answer is yes, yes you can.

Figure 4. In all her glory. Just Figure 5 and the sun left for outlining, and then the messy background. That will be complicated. But I’m seeing a finish line. I’m thinking I’ll be buying binding fabric soon…like Saturday or Sunday. I’m excited about that.

I really do like this quilt…it’s just been hard to get lots of time on it, and so it’s dragging on. This is one of the enjoyable stages, though…quilting is meditative. It’s peaceful. Well, mostly…unless there’s a lot of thread breakages. I’ve been lucky. My machine probably needs to go in again for service, though. I should make an appointment for when I’m traveling on Spring Break. That would be smart.

OK, well we have another inch of rain coming in today. I managed to get one dog to void outside in a slightly dry moment. The other one is a dumbass and will probably explode soon. I swept the pavement outside the back door twice in the last 12 hours, moving the water that used to drain away. I should remind the boychild to do it later. Ah shit, there’s the rain again. Sigh.

Oh, and Parkland…the high-school shooting a year ago. Let no dumbass make it a stupid gun anniversary. Let’s have a moment of silence and anti-gun legislation and not thoughts and prayers in remembrance. Or worse, a shoot-out somewhere.

*Sublime, What I Got

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