He Played It Left Hand*

The dogs are perturbed. The kids just left for a hike without them, leaving them with me, the boring old lady who irons all day. I do actually have a hike planned for next week, and I was going to walk the dogs today, but I’m down a car and don’t want to go to the wildlife area (with coyotes) by myself with the dogs. But I can walk them locally…a little later maybe. I’m not quite awake yet. Fuzzy brain caused by lack of sleep. They did get left alone for a chunk of yesterday…while we cooked pasta from scratch.

This was around the corner from where we cooked…a nice, colorful mural.

We actually were at Hipcooks, next door. The man’s family is large and extended, and we were invited to cook with them…

Wherein he showed a skill for beating eggs that has been previously invisible…

Good to know.

Boychild in charge of a pasta filling…

Pretty sure the girlchild was in charge of mushrooms…but I don’t have a picture of that. Oh wait, I do. She’s texting and cooking at the same time.

Obligatory food picture, first course…

The second course required the pasta attachments…

Mostly we let the kids do that, because they really liked it…but so did this guy. I didn’t take any pictures of the second course. But it was good…and we had a good time. Not rocket science, but an enjoyable afternoon.

We came back home, and predictably, I ironed. This is Figure 4…

I did that before dinnermaking…

At some point, the girlchild came in here to book a flight to Portugal. Of course. Her computer is still on my floor in here.

She brought a dog.

After dinner, I drew this. The birds came from the show I was watching, Seven Seconds.

I don’t know where the rest of it came from. I’m just exercising my drawing brain at the moment…letting it wander aimlessly.

I ironed for about 3 hours yesterday…got into the 1000s…about 2/3rds done.

I started stressing about school and life yesterday. I graded a little, but not a lot. It hurts my head.

I took a break to hang out, and then it got late…so I never put all this away. I just left it piled up.

I’m still ironing all the bits that go with Figure 4. I’m just about to start the snakes that make up her hair. Complicated stuff.

Right now, I’m listening to her snore…

She hides back there and sleeps on piles of batting. Sweet kitty.

Yeah, school stress is keeping me awake at night. Life stress. All the stress. Yes, I’m on break. That’s why I need a walk today. Or something. First I need to find the money for girlchild’s rent and college, and then maybe iron a bit. Then the dogs. Then more ironing. I want to be done with the ironing. Not sure that’s an option today…seems like a lot more hours will be needed. I’m guessing 7. We’ll see.

*David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust

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