Here Come the Planes*

I’m sitting here waiting on the windshield guy. The crack in the window was too big to fix, so the replacement is coming. Exciting stuff…made more exciting by the second shingles vaccine reaction. Woo hoo! Oh yeah! By about 9 PM last night, I had chills and a fever. You can count on my immune system to react to the crazy vaccinations. It was a rough night, but I woke up fever free…at least for now. Can’t say that I’m 100%…or even 75%. Laughing..well, I knew it was probably coming. The nurse was like, oh you know it’s not usually bad the second time. Yeah. That’s what they said about childbirth.

Anyway, I’m vertical. I’m still in pajamas (I’m on break. That’s acceptable.). I’m functional. I have a to-do list, even for today.

Yesterday, we took the dogs for a walk in the afternoon. I did that on purpose, because I was still feeling OK post-shot. Arm hurt, but no other symptoms…and I didn’t know if that would continue.

Only two coyote sightings, and they might have been the same coyote.

I finished grading the second period of the big assignment. It’s a large pile…

Those are the two biggest classes. Three more to go. I already had a kid email me about grading his late work. Dude. I am on break. Back the fuck off. I do have a lot to get through, and I know at some point, I won’t feel like doing it at all. Every year I handle it differently. Sometimes I start grading right away. Some years I wait until the last minute. I always have a unit that’s due right before break, so it’s always an issue. What did I say? Seven assignments? Ugh. This job follows you into the bathroom.

So it took me a while to finish grading that period. It was about 9:30 PM when I settled down to draw, wrapped up in a wool blanket, a sweatshirt, a sweater, and pajamas. I was freezing. Kitten came out to help.

I could have blown off the drawing, but I think it’s an important practice…and I didn’t feel up to cutting out Wonder Under. Probably it’s interesting to see what my overheated brain comes up with…

Apparently drawing requires less manual dexterity than cutting.

Good times. Filling in spaces without worrying about how I would make it into a quilt. It’s a nice thing, that mental freedom.

Kitten watched over me. Making sure I finished…

So today, I’ll work on the Wonder Under, while waiting for the windshield guy. The plan is to buy the background fabric this afternoon and ship the Xmas box to Seattle AND get my hair cut. Hopefully the fever will stay away and I won’t collapse from exhaustion like the last shot. But if I do, the world will continue. And I might get a nap out of it.

*Laurie Anderson, O Superman

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