Just Hanging by a Moment*

So last night, I tried to finish cutting out all the pieces, but even with 4 hours in (remember…I needed 6), I did not finish. I’m in the 200s, so about 2-3 hours are left. I’ll get those done today. I’m at 18 hours total so far.

I had regular dog company the entire time…he looks cranky because he’s really tired because he ran around all morning and then we took him on a walk.

IMG_6267 small

See? Tired. I sat and cut for a long time…

IMG_6268 small

Here’s where I quit…it was only 12:30, but I wanted to try meditation again before bed, because it seemed to help the other night. I’ve been bagging up the trash bits, so that’s only a third of what I cut last night. I need a bigger box for the pieces that are cut out. It’s full.

IMG_6270 small

Here’s what’s left…oil drums, ocean bits, and the last of the mermaid.

IMG_6271 small

Here’s the walk from earlier…it was still hot out, so we kept it relatively short.

IMG_6263 small

I need more of those.

Anyway, today? Finish cutting pieces. Sort them. Start ironing them together. Also do two GISH things and submit them (it’s the last day), copyedit the last chapter (the rest is done…except I need at least one more run-through of the whole thing and then some fussy stuff). I’d like to go to the gym…we’ll see about that. The man’s band has a show tonight, but it’s a reunion, and those are harder to crash, so I’m on my own tonight…artmaking it is. I’m realizing how little time is left…how much of it is commandeered by other people. I think that’s what I hate most about the school year…how much time I lose to what other people need me to do. Not the actual teaching…but the immense amount of time that grading entails, plus all the professional development and meetings and trainings and crap that others put on me. Especially when I don’t get anything out of them. I need one good tip or piece of info or idea from a meeting or PD for it to be worthwhile. So many of them, I walk away with nothing.

And as for the meditation? I so didn’t sleep well last night. Still not…even with exercise and meditation. Going to keep working at it…

*Lifehouse, Hanging by a Moment

One thought on “Just Hanging by a Moment*

  1. Keep at the meditation, Kathy. Take care of yourselves. All of them. No one else really can, although they can help. If they do help, keep ‘em; if they don’t, are they worth your heartfelt effort? Don’t think so! Taking care of yourself is sacred work. Enabling those who don’t support and treasure you is not. Be you!


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