OK so last night, all the fucks were said. Many times over. Because the 3-year-old water heater died. All over the laundry room floor and into my office. While I was home alone. I’d like to thank my parents for answering the phone and walking me through the turn-off/drain instructions. I’d like to thank my ex and son for coming over to move a bookcase and mop up puddles everywhere, and for taking a bunch of sopping wet towels to his house to wash. My poor guy had told me to have fun as he headed out for a show last night…it was not fun. Sigh. I’m just glad I caught it before it had completely emptied. If I ever replace the tile in the laundry room, I’m putting a drain in. This is the third time? Maybe fourth?

Anyway, so I was supposed to start ironing things together last night, but that didn’t happen, because (1) I spent a couple hours dealing with furniture and water and (2) part of the leak was in my studio…which currently looks like this…

IMG_6302 small

And this…

IMG_6308 small

And this…Kitten hiding in the midst of it all.

IMG_6309 small

Luckily, not a lot of water came under the wall this time, so I can move it all back today, once I finish this.

IMG_6307 small

Of course, water heaters always die (1) right before I need to do laundry (that’s why I noticed the water) and (2) on Saturday nights. So I have limited clothing and we probably won’t get a new one until Monday at the earliest. Which you know it’s hot here, so cold showers aren’t that bad (note: they’re not great either). That’s a plus. Last time it went, it was October. A little chilly. Not bad though. So there’s good news. Plus it’s warm, so everything is drying out quickly.

Kitten doesn’t like hot.

IMG_6276 small

So what went on before the water leaked all over my plans? GISH is over as of last night. I had two tasks left to do…one was to make a flower portrait of someone who inspires us (actor, politician, musician), and honestly, I just grabbed flowers that were available because summer in San Diego’s east county does not allow many flowers to survive, so then I looked at what I had and picked someone.

IMG_6281 small

Elizabeth Warren. Fit my flower colors and is a pretty inspirational person. Don’t shut up, y’all. Goes for women, goes for us libtard snowflakes (seriously think those terms are idiotic, but I’m sure there’s some for the other side and I’m just not paying attention to namecalling, because I don’t think that’s an intelligent way to handle this shit).

IMG_6285 small

She’s looking good. I was not the only person who picked her, by the way. Go to Instagram and #GISHspired to see more. Some people had many more flower types from which to pick.

Then I needed to make a hat out of sock(s) that was not a sock monkey hat, but another animal. So I made a socktopussy hat. This is just part of it. I’m not allowed to show it yet.

IMG_6289 small

But it involved 8 socks, some crappy polyester batting, felt, and a pussy hat. Yes, I made a pussy hat just for this. I already have two other pussy hats I could have used, but they were hand-knitted and I could not desecrate them.

I submitted about 140 points worth of stuff for GISH. If I stopped doing everything else, I could have done more. I was somewhat disappointed in my group…of 15 people, only 5 submitted stuff. Lame. I realize it’s challenging…that’s the point. Anyway. I enjoy doing it. I’d do it again. It’s more fun when you know other people in your group, but I wasn’t that organized.

What else did I do yesterday? I finished cutting all of these out…21 hours in about 4 days.

IMG_6297 small

I watched the ex and boychild hack at the out-of-control bougainvillea. The hope is that it will come back and we will do a better job of keeping it out of the trees.

IMG_6298 small

Cleanup will be a bitch…thorny pieces of hell.

Then I sorted all those pieces…Kitten came out and hid in this spot on the desk for a while.

IMG_6299 small

I got about halfway through and went to fetch dinner…when I came back, I discovered the water heater leak, so there were about 2 hours where I wasn’t doing this. Yes, cats want to sit in those boxes. All the time.

IMG_6301 small

Then I went back to it later…at the end, I just have a pile of tiny little pieces, and my feet were tired from standing, so I sat and sorted them into tiny piles of tiny pieces, and then dumped them in the number-appropriate bins.

IMG_6304 small

It took a little over 2 hours to sort all 1900 or so pieces.

IMG_6305 small

In the almost empty bin on top, you can see two tiny pieces that didn’t have paper on them, and there was no paper that was the right size for them. So I don’t know what they are. I also had one piece of paper with no fabric…but I think it fell off before I cut things out. When I start ironing things together, it will figure itself out.

I was going to start ironing last night (original plan), but after losing two hours to sweaty water-moving, it wasn’t going to happen. I’m going to move stuff back in here, reorganize, do all my errands, have a delightfully cold shower, and then maybe be able to iron. Such is life. Not ideal. It’s a good thing I’m not socializing much, because the lack of clean, weather-appropriate clothing will eventually be an issue. Although I think I could run the washer on cold? That might be a plan.

OK. On Task. Go.

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