Lost Day

First of all, Happy Fourth to those who celebrate. I hope our country remembers its immigrant origins (and the people who lived here well before us white folks) as it celebrates. Maybe we can make the world a better place again. And not the way that orange-haired guy thinks.

Y’all know about lost days. You have plans and then everything gets turned upside down for whatever reason (car breaks down, someone has to go the emergency room, the water heater leaks all over the place, whatever) and the day goes to hell in a handbasket. So that was yesterday. That said, yesterday had some pretty awesome views for a good chunk of the way.

Yes, I drove to Mammoth yesterday to pick up the boychild and all his stuff (well, we shipped two boxes because my car is smaller than his, plus there were two humans in the car instead of one, so lost space). His car was a total loss. Well that sucks. Deep breaths. I left San Diego just before 5 AM…it took me about 7 hours to get up there (I had to pee, what can I say?)…

IMG_5527 small

Apologies for the road views and the spot on the windshield…I tried cleaning it off multiple times at multiple gas stations. This is Highway 395, up the east side of the Sierras. California has beautiful mountains. I just put this trip (but a much more leisurely version of it) on my to-do list for future years…

IMG_5537 small

There was a fire further up that added a lot of haze to the views…honestly, I got better pictures on the way back down, when I was the passenger. But those mountains…so beautiful and huge.

This is on the way back down…

IMG_5542 small

I think it’s hard to grow up in California and move somewhere else that doesn’t have expansive views like this. I couldn’t live on the flat all the time.

IMG_5543 small

Anyway, got up there, packed the car, shipped some stuff, ate some stuff, peed again, drove back.

IMG_5545 small

It took longer coming back (those are the desert mountains in that photo…at one point, you’re flanked on both sides)…due to traffic. But not too bad. We got routed around one accident. Love map apps for that.

IMG_5547 small

I really like this picture. Like I think I’m going to draw it…but add a figure or two somehow. Haven’t figured that out.

IMG_5548 small

We got back just before 9 PM. LOOONNNNGGGG day. Yup. 14 hours in a car? Something like that. The dogs were thrilled he was back…this was Simba this morning, knocking on the door to be let in.

IMG_5552 small

I did a little stitching while I was a passenger…almost finished the wild dog. He needs eyes and nose embellished.

IMG_5553 small

That’s for today. The man’s band is playing down at the beach for the Fourth, so I’m taking a chair, some sunscreen, my stitching, my book, my sketchbook, some wine and snacks (hoping to get real food there), and I’ll hang out while they set up, watch the band, then we’ll fight the holiday traffic back home. Could be relaxing. I did lose yesterday. Nothing got done except what needed to be done, but that’s OK, because he’s home safe and stuff is dealt with. So that’s how life goes sometimes.

I don’t think there’s enough food in the house though.

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