Throw Down Your Umbilical Noose*

School’s officially out and I’m a little dazed and confused. The vaccine is also giving me really bad headaches, and the one this morning is not small or kind. It’s the Hulk with Thor’s hammer. It’s not helping.

It always takes me a while to sort of realize that it’s vacation and start relaxing. Looking at next week, there’s not a lot of relaxation that will be going on, but I will try. It will be easier when the vaccine stops fucking with me. The rash was bigger yesterday, so I took the prescribed Benadryl and basically passed out about 45 minutes later. Lost a couple hours there. I took another one at bedtime. This morning, the rash is still there, but splotchy and not as warm and tingly as before. I guess that’s a good thing, but I can’t really stay asleep all day. I feel drugged. Ugh. Maybe sleeping all day would be a good thing.

I was at school longer than I thought I’d be yesterday, and then I left food and milk in the fridge (ah, dumbassery), so I’ll need to go back on Monday and persuade someone to let me into the prep room that we just locked down for the summer so no innocent child can go in there and swig hydrochloric acid. Because I don’t want to come back to gross in the fridge.

When I came back home, even though I left her a treat ball (see in the top right?), Calli stress-ate the Tivo manual. Oh well…

IMG_5157 small

She wasn’t in trouble for long…she’s a big dummy sometimes.

IMG_5163 small

Then I blinked and looked over there and this one was snoring away. He’s the loudest of the bunch sometimes.

IMG_5165 small

These hummingbird feathers were stuck to one of the feeders we have outside. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hummingbird feather.

IMG_5159 small

You can’t tell here, but that green is iridescent, just like the birds.

Last night, I finally finished ironing all of the fabrics for the newest quilt…here’s all 120 of them…finally in color order, the way I like them.

IMG_5161 small

It’s a full box. Lots of cutting in my future.

IMG_5164 small

And at some point, my brain will catch up and respond to school being out.

IMG_5167 small


*Nirvana, Heart-Shaped Box

One thought on “Throw Down Your Umbilical Noose*

  1. People who’ve never made even a small appliqued quilt simply can not fathom the amount of time it takes to make quilts like yours. Working by the hour, taking into account your creativity and skill, those quilts should sell to $50k. Looking forward to seeing what this one’s all about.


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