Just Chill…

Interesting virus I have. I was spacey and not feeling well on Wednesday, but yesterday I felt mostly OK. Today? Nope. Not. And I’m almost out of meds. Stupid. Because I thought I was getting better. How? It’s the end of the school year. No one gets better at the end of the year…we just get worse and worse and more and more miserable until someone releases us from the hell that is the last week of school with kids.

So let’s think positively. In one week’s time, there will be no students in my classroom. I will be cleaning my classroom out so I can leave early (well, after a team meeting). Then I will have the REST of the day off. On a Friday. While other people are at work. I will be able to pee WHENEVER I WANT. Oh man. That was lovely to type. I could even NAP if I wanted to. At the end of the day, I will not have to work another 2-3 hours to try to get caught up on grading and planning because I don’t have enough time to do that at work. I will not have any extra meetings after school to take up my time and energy. I can just hang out, finish my book, sit in the sun, whatever. In fact, if I needed to run an errand, I could do that, instead of trying to fit all of them in over the weekend. Yeah. I might have the brainspace to actually draw something (it’s been a while guys…very frustrating).

I’m trying very hard not to think about the jury duty part. Because thinking about it stresses me out. And the 3, possibly 4 days of school-related meetings before the end of June. Not thinking about those either, although I should at some point remember to print out all the crap I need for those.

Yup. I keep talking myself out of the crazy. (or do I?) Kitten is not sure.

IMG_5017 small

She’s been hiding since Katie arrived.

So I had a stitching meeting last night and I actually did some embroidery, but I forgot to take a picture of it. I’ll be doing more tonight, so hopefully I’ll get a photo at some point of two-nights-worth of stitchy wondrousnous.

Then I ironed for a bit. A short bit. I was tired. Still am, who am I kidding? I got the big cat ironed together and a cloud and some raindrops and honestly that might have been it.

IMG_5019 small

I don’t remember being particularly amazing last night. Although it might be amazing that I got anything done at all, honestly.

IMG_5020 small

It’s coming.

Meanwhile, two of my quilts are in Texas this weekend with the Threads of Resistance exhibit, and apparently those behind this curtain (including mine, of course, due to the penises included plus boobs and uteri, dontcha know) have caused a minor kerfuffle…


Some part of me wishes we never had to have this sign, but at least they’re not pulling my work from the show or calling Fox News (been there, done that). You can check out the whole very amazing exhibit in Arlington, Texas, at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo…plus check out the people who are shocked by our work. Smile at them and nod. Say “Bless their heart” if you need to .

OK, early meeting…last one of the year, I hope. Then teaching HIV and AIDS. Then gaming (long day…). Then this weekend, I finish grades and hopefully get some free time to just chill. Hopefully.

2 thoughts on “Just Chill…

  1. I wonder if they would be similarly offended by my daughter’s biology text book or by the “body chart” my doctor has hanging on his wall…?


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