Always Clean Up Your Mess Before You Mess It Up Again*

I keep trying new breakfast foods…stuff I can prep on the weekend and then eat every morning. My body is not good at early breakfast…it tends to be nauseous and still asleep, so it’s always a challenge. Stuff that sounds good to me while I’m prepping or shopping is notoriously putrid in the morning. Or I eat it once and then like that’s it. I’m good. It’s not good FOR me, though, to go through until lunch with no food, so then I get to school and all I have to eat are nuts…which aren’t a totally bad plan, but I can do better. So this week, I tried an oatmeal bake with fruit and so far, so good (first day only). I can usually handle oatmeal anyway, and this is just a slightly fancier and healthier version…so we’ll see if that gives me vip and vim this morning.

I’m not really a morning person. You may have noticed. I can quietly write here, as long as I don’t have to talk to anyone. Luckily, most of my cohabitants are also not morning talkers. Even when I get to work, the morning talkers are there and they’ve learned not to expect much from me. I’ll talk when the bell rings to start school…and some days, not a moment before.

So I did some relaxing stuff on the weekend, if by relaxing, you mean walking a 4-mile art and music route. I basically did very little art-related stuff on Saturday. I really needed a break from feeling like I had to do it…so I just went in there for the last hour or so of the night before going to bed and tried to clean up…

I had about 5 more piles in there when I started…so I put all this away from the last quilt…

IMG_4948 small

Always clean up your mess before you mess it up again.

And then I had this broken drawer…Midnight used to sleep in there, and I think eventually the pressure of fabric plus sorta fat cat caused the plastic to fail…

IMG_4947 small

I stupidly threw the broken pieces away…so I needed to figure out how to fix it. At the time, I thought it would be easy to find a replacement, but the sizes are all different and don’t fit into that space any more. I did this long-range plan for shelving in that space, but really the whole room needs a makeover and that’s not in the cards this summer…so finally, on Saturday night (yup, I party like the best of them), I put cardboard in there and then duct-taped it to death so it would hopefully hold long enough for me to be able to afford to do something in that space. Because I was tired of trying to pull the drawer open without breaking it more.

IMG_4949 small

So that was Saturday night: cleaning and improvising.

Sunday was a lot of work stuff…I got up and graded 63 emails’ worth of makeup work and another pile of papers. Then input some grades and did the grocery shopping and sent the parent email and all that crap. It’s all time-consuming crap, honestly. I love the summer because my Sundays are free…FREE!

Then I graded the rest of the student videos and transferred all those to paper and started grading the websites I could find. Puppy was very tired…

IMG_4952 small

Satchemo really wanted to be ON the computer and was rather pissy that I wouldn’t let him be…

IMG_4953 small

Then at around 10:15 PM, I headed into the studio for the fun stuff…the first 100 pieces sorted and ready for ironing. On the far left (hiding in the dark) is the piece I picked for the background of my existing stash…

IMG_4954 small

On really long drawings, I can’t see the bottom without having to lean over to the ground, so I pull the drawing up to the ironing board…

IMG_4955 small

It’s just easier to see that way…

IMG_4956 small

And I ironed almost 100 pieces…at some point, it was after midnight and I was still ironing and thinking I didn’t want to stay up too late because then I’d lose all the sleep I’d made up over the weekend.

IMG_4957 small

So I stopped just short of the snow on the mountains. Not a bad start…

IMG_4958 small

I will have to be grading every night, but this will be a pleasant ending to every day…relaxed…the way it should be.

One thought on “Always Clean Up Your Mess Before You Mess It Up Again*

  1. Probably suggesting the obvious… those overnight oatmeal, fruit, and yogurt concoctions are easy to prepare ahead and quick in the morning. I only eat them in the summer, though. There are lots of eat and go muffins or quiche-y things to make and take. I have some recipes stashed if you want.


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