Then You Can Start to Make It Better*

Well good news this morning…my foot wound from last week did not grow anything heinous and flesh-eating, according to the culture they took…this is particularly good news, because I keep forgetting to take the damn antibiotics, so I would probably be really sick by now if there HAD been something in there.

The second piece of great news is that my mammogram has not been scheduled for July 7, 2022…the scheduler typed it into the email wrong as Thursday, July 7 (go ahead, look at a calendar. I did.)…she really meant July 5 of this year. Now I just need to have no jury duty that day (I figured the day after a national holiday midweek was a pretty good bet). I was honestly OK with waiting 4 years, even though the letter they sent suggested more often than that.

Also, it’s Thursday, and although the theme of the day yesterday was apparently “I don’t get it” and nobody let me know ahead of time, so I could prepare for it, in general, the kids are doing their stuff. Sure, there’s a kid here and there who is just sitting there clicking keys randomly and pretending they know how to use a computer for something besides active shooter games and sending butt pictures, but mostly, they’re doing it. Now if they could just do it without my amazing babysitting prowess, because when I was a babysitter, I got snacks and an extra bump in pay if the kid was a pain in the ass. Like the parents knew it and wanted me to come back, so they’d slip an extra dollar in there (back in the day, a dollar was a big thing, you know?). None of my students’ parents do that. Maybe they should.

I was home late. I finished my book. It was OK. I don’t know if I care enough to read the sequel. I read it for book club. Eh.

Ironing happened, but there was a break in the middle for ice cream, because the decisionmaking part of my brain just stopped…right in the middle…like, there’s no way I can decide what color to make the lungs because I have officially used up all the decisionmaking nodes and I must recharge. Apparently ice cream is an important factor in that process, because I got up and did another hour and a half before stopping. The lungs ended up being a blue-green color…more on the green side of that range. I realize you wanted to know that.

This is a giant heart. There are 3 hearts in this quilt that are visible…

IMG_4101 small

I stopped right after that, because it was midnight and the next thing was large and complicated. I can do that tonight. I have about 350 pieces left to do…so here’s the pile to be cut out…

IMG_4102 small

I moved them into a bigger box. I have the heart-shaped box (yes, for real) and then the whole fireplace and all the stuff that goes with it. That’s it. I don’t think I will be finishing the ironing before Saturday. I can try, but I don’t think I can.

I didn’t feel like organizing these last night. I was too tired.

IMG_4103 small

Girlchild disappeared off the net for about 24 hours without warning. It’s OK…she’s alive. It always freaks me out though. I know better than to freak out, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Turns out that they’re showing them around the country, so internet is spotty at best.

Plans for today? Hope nobody says “I don’t get it” because I might lose it. Literally, we made sample student website templates to show kids what theirs needed to look like, but then the kids thought they were supposed to copy them and mine were like a;klsdhgf;aklsdhf; for the answers and they were like, so what are we supposed to write there? And I’m like, where’s the website with the QUESTIONS and the TASKS and the VIDEOS and the ARTICLES. The one I told you to open AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS. It does not help that I have zero patience at the moment. I guess I must have an infinitesimal amount more than zero, because I don’t scream.

After school? Chiropractor. Not sure I like the new new one. Will decide today. Then stitching meeting. I finished stitching down all those balls! I have 7,000 palestrina knots to do next. So I might just take the quilt pieces and trim them instead. Then come home and hopefully iron for a bit.

I had a floating dead little animal in the pool, but the pool guy destroyed my net, so I couldn’t get it out. Luckily, a crow has pulled it out of the pool, but has rejected it, because it is too disgusting for a crow to eat. Sigh. Nature.

*The Beatles, Hey Jude

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