Gonna Go to the Place That’s the Best*

A mostly efficient and appropriate weekend: some personal time was had, a personal goal reached. I graded a bit and performed some school-related activities. I dealt with the giant-ass pile of leaves in the driveway, said pile containing the damn bougainvillea-thorned branch that sent me to Urgent Care last week. Groceries, laundry, dinner with parental units…all complete. I even did some ironing on the new quilt (more about that below)…but then sleep…sleep is so hard some nights. I kept trying to relax my brain enough to go back to sleep after something woke me up. It was rough. Sunday nights are bad for sleep. Anticipation of the week? Of the pace of the week? Who knows. Not conducive to good sleep…that’s all we do know.

I think the girlchild is officially done with all her school stuff in Madagascar. She comes home next weekend. That was fast. Or was it? I’ll be glad to have her back in the US, although I won’t see her until the boychild’s graduation in New York the end of May. She has a job for the summer in Boston, so that’s alternately good and sad. We’ll survive. But we’ll miss her. Boychild has another week and a half of classes and then goes into finals. I’m sure he’s stressed about the future. I would be. Hell, I am every end of the school year, worrying that my district or principal will do something stupid and move me to 8th grade science or move our principal to another school and give us someone horrible. Again. But interspersed among that worry is anticipation of sleeping in and making art and getting stuff done around here…slightly dissipated by the jury duty crap, but whatever. I’m supposed to be making a mammogram appointment…normally I’d do it in early July. Now I’m not sure what to do about it. Sigh.

Maybe that’s what’s keeping me up. Who knows. Trying to remember to do all the things…that causes some anxiety. So I made the mammogram appointment and I’ll cancel it if I have to. Reschedule. Whatever.

So my office…I put all the fabric away from the last quilt and then straightened up a bit so I could start on this one. I’m watching the second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events…it makes me laugh. The ironing board moves around the office…when it’s here, it’s totally in the way. There’s a chair in front of it for computer access, so I have to shove it back to sit in the chair, then push it up to fit behind it for ironing.

I generally pile fabrics all over the board when I’m picking them…but only ones I’ve actually used get to stay up there. I leave them on the ironing board until I’m done, so I can reuse them throughout the quilt.

IMG_4055 small

Then to the right, I hang the drawing, so I can refer to it…figure out what number is what piece.

IMG_4056 small

Behind me is the table where I lay out the Wonder Under pieces in order by 10s and 100s. I haven’t even finished the first 100 so far. It’s a backpack and a pile of books and other stuff. For some reason, it felt very complicated to pick the fabrics…a lot of consideration of lights and darks and contrasts. I’m two hours in and this is all I have done…

IMG_4058 small

The next batch should go faster…the rug and the first figure. I pick the run of 6-7 fabrics for the body and then I can lay out all those pieces fairly quickly. My brain is still arguing about rug color (it started last night…maybe that’s what kept me awake).

Here’s the pile I had by the time I needed to go to bed…lots of grays…

IMG_4059 small

It’s easier for me to see them all organized, and eventually, by color…I even managed to use the tiny hedgehog fabric. That makes me happy.

IMG_4060 small

But I still have another 900+ pieces to iron down. Hopefully it will start going a little faster than it has.

Ugh. I’m really tired. Sigh. Well. Can’t do much about that. I don’t ever seem to get the right amount of sleep, do I. It might feel better once I get this whole cup of tea in me. Hopefully. Because there’s a 2-hour staff meeting in my future…could be ugly.

*Norman Greenbaum, Spirit in the Sky

One thought on “Gonna Go to the Place That’s the Best*

  1. As I read about your seemingly endless staff and other meetings, I am thankful that we had few principals who demanded a meeting just for the sake of hearing themselves jammer on. Crap! now I am missing Huntington even more.


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