The Big Sad

I don’t have a lot of words in me this morning. This shit is never easy. I’ll just give you mostly pictures.

2006: Midnight with girlchild…

Midnight Thursday night…

IMG_8626 small

Ahhh. Poor kitty.

Walking is good.

IMG_8740 small

I stitched a little.

IMG_8742 small

I drew a little.

IMG_8743 small

And some more than a little.

IMG_8744 small

Women’s rights…

IMG_8745 small

Women’s issues…

IMG_8746 small


IMG_8747 small

She gets to be in this one. It’s hard to put a black cat in a quilt when you tend toward dark backgrounds.. But I’ll figure it out.

And the dumbasses who tried to follow me on Instagram. Fuck you assholes.

IMG_8750 small

Let’s hope today is a little easier. First time I’ve cried in front of students. Today might be the second time. Oh yeah, rejected from two art shows in one day. It’s OK. I wasn’t really paying attention to that.

We’re gonna really miss you, Midnight.

10 thoughts on “The Big Sad

  1. Sorry never even begins to cover it… I lost my kitty two years ago with similar symptoms…it’s just plain heart breaking… love and hugs being sent your way!


  2. I’ so sorry for the loss of Midnight. I will miss the little devil too. Although I only was acquainted through pictures. Hugs to your family, both human and non human.


  3. We (readers) shall miss her, too. She was so present in your studio lately. But not a touch of your loss. I just re-posted a tribute to black cats, and have a soft(er) spot for them.


  4. Greetings Kathy. You know I generally dislike cats. But Midnight looked like a badass, so I approve of her. Sorry to hear about her.


  5. I am truly sorry for the loss you are feeling for your kitty. Midnight looks like my diva cat, Bear. I have buried many since I moved here as they were all about the same age and Bear was the baby of them. Some days when I hug her I wonder how much more time I will have. It’s the hardest thing ever and I have no words to help. I feel for you and send you cyber hugs. ❤️


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