I Won’t Back Down*

I keep skimming the news, looking for logical reasons to shoot up hundreds of people at a music concert, but all I see is more evidence that this was planned. Then I try to understand the brain that would do that…and I can’t. I understand anger and sadness and frustration, but not when it turns into that.

The work day wasn’t that hard…it was processing the rest that was hard. So I came home and took the dogs out…

IMG_8201 small

Three miles (ish) as fast as we could go.

IMG_8202 small

The sun was trying to beat us back. There’s coyotes out there, so that shit makes me nervous with the little guy…but we made it.

IMG_8203 small

Good for them, good for me.

After making dinner, I had decided I wanted to do another eye, so I started it randomly on the right.

IMG_8204 small

I only do one strand a night…this is Sunday’s and Monday’s…

IMG_8205 small

I saved the blue for the iris, but maybe I’ll keep going with another color instead. I’ll have to see how I feel about it.

Then I had to force myself to get up and go in the office to sew.

IMG_8209 small

Yeah. Well. Understandable. I realized how long ago Sandy Hook was and it took me that long to be able to process it into a piece of art. Some of that is not wanting to make A work that commemorates ONE event…it’s more about the feelings and ideas behind the event. Certainly Sandy Hook wasn’t the first school shooting, but it was the hardest to process…someone coming in and shooting up little kids for no apparent reason. Having worked in middle and high schools, the reasons to be angry and feel harassed, bullied, oppressed, to the point of thinking a shooting is a good idea? I can imagine that. Unfortunately. But little kids…seems so much worse. It’s not really…it’s innocent people of all ages, isn’t it? And Sandy Hook obviously wasn’t the last.

IMG_8210 small

I hate that we’re becoming a country where it feels unsafe to do just about anything: go to work, get on a plane, go to a concert, go to school, go to a church, go to the store, the library, wherever. It shouldn’t be like that. There’s nothing about possessing a gun that would make me feel more safe. I have one and some “lone wolf” (really??? he was an older white male…most dangerous species out there, if you ask me) has 20 of them. Legally.

OK. Well. With all that weighing on me (and it IS weighing on me), I have a parent meeting this morning. I haven’t even gotten to Tom Petty…sad sad sad.

So many favorites of his…but this one is making me cry this morning.

*Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, I Won’t Back Down

2 thoughts on “I Won’t Back Down*

  1. It’s taken me a few days to process this quilt…it’s truly moved me like no other… as a retired teacher…I truly get this… Sandy Hook changed my life…the way I taught…the way I looked at my students… the environment in my school… nothing has been the same since…the pain is still raw and real.

    Thank you, Kathy! I feel all the emotions and pain in this quilt…your art makes a difference!


    1. It breaks my heart that teachers in the US have to think like this: something I never had to even dream of contemplating in a 30+ year career. Schools should be safe places for all. My best wishes are with you.


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