Felling Any Foe with My Gaze*

OK. I can go back today. I guess. I’m not ready, but I never am…so what’s new. I managed to grade 6 of the 9 assignments I had…and to grade all of the stuff kids turned in late. So I didn’t do horribly…but progress reports have to be done this weekend, so…ugh. Already ugh.

That said, I got a bit of a reprieve on trying to finish the current quilt. I thought I had to be done and photographed by this Friday, and that’s not gonna happen. But apparently it doesn’t have to. I might be the only person who reads the contract. So I’m feeling pressure to get done still…but not psychotic crazy pressure. Hallelujah.

Anyway…I did get a lot done over the weekend anyway. First of all, I marched for science. My marching team has a plan for how we do this…we meet here and eat a fortified breakfast.

IMG_4213 small

The Other Kathy had the best shirt ever…if you’re a size medium or smaller, go here to get one.

IMG_4215 small

If you’re not a medium or smaller, be sad, because she’s sold out. But a lovely shirt nonetheless. She’s a paper cutter from Canada (the artist, Ali Harrison; not my friend wearing the shirt)…which makes sense when you see the image.

Then we leave two cars where the parking is easy and we park in this garage, within easy walking distance of the march. The artist is Christopher Konecki…whose art I love…and his cover picture on his website shows this and a few other of his downtown murals (there are many).

IMG_4216 small

We take the obligatory march photo…which shows my hat…

IMG_4220 small

The weird Earth Mother that was behind us while we left the plaza…

IMG_4236 small

You can see my weird hat (I wear this at school at least once a year)…better in the Other Kathy’s picture…

IMG_2469 small

Got my lab coat on too. Anyway. Science marchers are different than Women marchers in that it was quieter…but still a good thing. Because science. Duh.

IMG_4255 small

I don’t know how you ignore 15,000 people in San Diego…especially when they’re fucking with traffic…

IMG_4264 small

They only gave us half the road this time. Lots of good signs, but I’m not sure the people who need to be paying attention are getting it, after seeing the Trumpster’s statement for Earth Day. It seems his science teachers have a lot of explaining to do for his level of ignorance about cause and effect with the environment. Hopefully some of his party will pay attention to their constituents.

I came home and ironed…body parts…

IMG_4256 small

She’s not as pink as the others…

IMG_4257 small

Should be interesting seeing all three bathtubs hanging together…

IMG_4258 small

Then I took the torso and limbs and inserted them into the bathtub.

IMG_4260 small

I only had about 100 pieces left at that point, but needed to leave and go to an opening.

IMG_4261 small

Which is where I found out I had more time than I thought.

Yesterday, I had a ton to do, but helped out the ex by letting him drop a beam on my shin. OK. Not really. That was an accident, but it hurts today. Oh well.

IMG_4272 small

I get it. It’s hard to do stuff around the house when you’re the only person. Luckily I persuaded him that trying to lift the beam up from the ground and hold it was fucking nuts. So we did it from the deck…if it dropped, that would have killed the ladders, but not one of us. I feel like I need to drive over there today and see if he is still alive, because he had other stuff to do…this might be why old single people need to live in communes, rather than by themselves.

I had a California Fibers‘ meeting yesterday (we have so many shows coming up, it’s crazy)…and this was on a Chinese screen one of the members had in her house. Everything else was traditional old dragons and water and clouds (which apparently are a fungus, not clouds?)…but these look like flaming metal eyeballs, don’t they? I’m not sure what they’re supposed to be, but I really like them.

IMG_4274 small

Back home, finishing some grading, dogs at the ready…

IMG_4289 small

Or asleep…whichever works.

IMG_4291 small

Back to the ironing board, earlier this time…

IMG_4292 small

Eyeballs ironed separately for better placement.

IMG_4293 small

Her face done…with crown of fire (can you say hot flashes?).

IMG_4294 small

Piece the background after (smartly learning from my mistakes) washing it in that stuff that removes the extra dye…Retayne (wish I could retain brain cells, dammit…couldn’t remember what it was called)…

IMG_4295 small

Then all ironed down and steamed appropriately.

IMG_4296 small

Damn, if I didn’t have to go to school today…I’d be stitching this down. Yup. Oh well. Back to the day job. That’s what all the artists say.

*Blue Foundation, Eyes on Fire

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