Out of the Doubt That Fills My Mind*

Rough night. Dropped boychild at the airport after the first day of teaching. Too much standing and talking after a summer of…well I did stand a lot when ironing, but it didn’t feel as bad as yesterday. And the talking. And the interactions with people. I know, it’s funny that I’m a teacher and an introvert, but once you get to know the kids, it’s more like dealing with friends or family than just being bombarded with a million new folks. I can see some of the kids feel the same way after a nice quiet summer of doing whatever they wanted. Plus not getting to pee when you need to…that’s always an adjustment.

So I’m sad to send my own kids back to college, but it is what it is. This is what they’re supposed to do. I do miss them pretty horribly today though.

I’m rushed this morning, so this will have to be fast. I’m still amazed by all the commentary roiling around the internet about the quilt with no penis. I have never heard from AQS…I suspect I never will.

Meanwhile, back here in my studio, I keep making stuff. A friend liked an owl buried in the middle of the most recent Earth Mother (I’ll post her pics tomorrow) and wanted it pulled out on its own for a commission. I’ve spent all summer kinda flaking on it, mostly because I wanted to make it a certain way for the Earth Mother and I wasn’t sure it was gonna work for a piece on its own. So I waited until I knew she’d seen it in those fabrics etc. and she was OK with it (she was).

Yesterday, I finished cutting out all the pieces (and promptly lost one…like a boss)…

IMG_8147 small

And then started ironing it together…

IMG_8148 small

Here’s all the wing pieces lined up in order for easy ironing…

IMG_8149 small

Two wings…

IMG_8150 small

See the internal debate was that striped fabric for the wings…and I decided it worked.

IMG_8151 small

Now she just needs to pick a background color. I photographed it on a bunch of backgrounds last night, but I don’t have time to resize them all this morning, so I’ll hopefully do that for her tonight and let her choose.

And then I can start picking fabrics for the new quilt tonight, after I walk the dogs, figure dinner out, scan all the coloring book drawings that are coming in for something you’ll see in a bit,…oh…and I forgot. Probably collapse on the couch at some point. Timed naps are useful.

By the way, this owl has no penis. In case you’re looking for that.

*Howie Day, Collide

9 thoughts on “Out of the Doubt That Fills My Mind*

  1. The striped fabric absolutely makes the owl wings
    I didn’t think birds had penises (?) (peni?). I vaguely remember something called a cloaca from my long ago science classes


  2. AQS hasn’t communicated with you because they are ashamed and guilty and don’t have an explanation that stands up to examination. I was thinking we should all write stories explaining the ABSENCE or LOSS of penises in various quilts and send them to AQS. Maybe they could collect them into an anthology and publish it (or theme a show around it) and learn something.

    So, why doesn’t the owl have a penis? Female? Owl, so no sticky-outy bits? War injury? Authorial intrusion? Deus ex machina? Just forgot? Waiting for a dramatic ta-dah moment in a show??? Let’s make up some “where’s peenie” stories.


  3. Hugs for missing the kids. I get it. My son hasn’t lived in this house for 9 years, not in this town for 3 years. Most of the time I don’t “notice” it, but sometimes I miss him a lot. He should be on his way back to WA from the middle east today. I often miss him a lot when he’s on a mission. Guess I just want to know where he is, and that he’s safe. Guess that’s what all parents want when they miss their kids.


  4. I think the fabric choices are sterling and the stripes are amazing in the photo.

    My kids are closer, geographically, than yours, but I am sending the younger off to college in two weeks and the older is looking at work in Boston, and I had a complete weeping meltdown in the kitchen this evening.

    these things happen. I really like the suggestion above that we (for some subset of WE) should create a LOT of quilts with penises (how do you pluralize that anyhow??) implied or shadowed, or something…


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