I Swear

Life is getting in the way of art. It’s OK. I’m letting it. A high-school friend is down here for about 24 hours, so I’ve been hanging out with her…waiting for her to show up again right now…so I may not finish this in a timely fashion. Oh well. (Obviously I didn’t…because it’s afternoon now.) Besides, they’re pouring concrete at the house above me, so there’s motors and machines and lots of yelling. Somehow the yelling gets stuff done. AND the last chapter of the book I’m copyediting just showed up this morning…so there’s that. And the 17 errands I keep putting off…I’ll be working on those this afternoon. So busy while on vacation! Watching the leftover days of summer tick away. I’m going to have to do lesson prep next week, I think. Crap.

I did get some art time in, though, while waiting and in between stuff…I had enlarged this drawing Friday night after all the sewing machines broke, and then taped it together. Yesterday morning, I added space to all the sides to finish the drawing.

IMG_7624 small

I also penciled in some possibilities, but obviously haven’t had time to really decide what to do with it.

And last night after dinner, I did stitch down some more.

IMG_7625 small

It’s taking forever because I haven’t been home. I’ll get focused soon. Hopefully tomorrow will be very focused. Ha. OK. Maybe. Certainly if the concrete was poured today, they should have to stay away from it for a while, right? No more yelling.

Boychild was trimming upslope yesterday…because it was cooler. Today is Not Cooler.

IMG_7590 small

I appreciate all the shit he does.

So my friend and I went to the San Diego Museum of Art because of the Quilts and Color exhibit, but also saw some other stuff, like this Chinese brush painting…

IMG_7593 small

And some more normal paintings, but I’m less of a fan of the normal. And then lots of quilts…

IMG_7595 small

Lots of log cabins…

IMG_7603 small

Nothing I hadn’t seen before in style, but they are still interesting examples…

IMG_7606 small

This one was silks and the strips were tiny…

IMG_7607 small

Beautiful stuff…

IMG_7608 small

And the old utilitarian tied wool quilts…

IMG_7610 small

Are kinda fun.

IMG_7611 small

An entire room of devotional art…interesting stuff.

IMG_7620 small

And dinner out with the parents and kids. The dog has been in the pool about 700 times. Then she tromps around in the dirt and wants to come back in. Sigh.

IMG_7623 small

If I ever redo the rest of my floors, it’s gonna be easy to clean, but not WHITE tile. Like mottled tiles with dog footprints of all sizes already imprinted on them. So you’ll never know how dirty it is.

So I’m really tired, too much brain exhaustion, don’t feel like stitching or drawing at this very moment in time. Just drank two full glasses of water (dehydration kicks my ass this time of year). So I’m ready to float down a river asleep in a raft. Too bad none of that is available at the moment. I will be better tomorrow. I swear.

One Response to I Swear

  1. I had a kitchen floor once that showed nothing. Nothing at all. That’s as frustrating in its own way as my current white tile floor, which shows every speck and wishes I’d wash it daily. Ha!. On the crazy camo floor, I kept squooshing cheerios and worse, having no idea they were there…


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