Post-It Life Management

So it’s entirely my fault I don’t have enough sleep in me, because I wanted to be done with the stitch down, and it so encompassed me that I stayed up way too late. I figured no workers would be at the house above me because they poured concrete yesterday (not true…they are up there now, but not making lots of noise…strangely arguing about trapezoids)…but it was chainsaws at 7 AM below me. My fault for having stuff growing over my fence, although they left the volunteer tree that I can’t get at. Sigh. I’m having one of those days where I feel like I can’t do all the things that need doing, but I know part of that is the missing hours of sleep. I will try to work my way through it.

But I did finish the stitch down…so even though I’m like three days late on my mental schedule, I think I’m doing OK. Maybe. Aack. I’m panicking. Part of that is signing up for professional development for school, and realizing how close it is. LOOMING. It does it every year, just about scares the crap out of me. More this year, because I have no idea what I’m teaching.

So I’m making a list for today to help me get through stuff…signed up for a landscaping class for the front yard, mostly about drought-tolerant design and rainwater control…so the boychild can maybe start some of the moving of dirt etc. before he leaves for college. I’m not planting until October at the earliest…it’s just too hot right now. Lists help though. I can focus my brain to make a list and keep checking it all day. Keeps me on task.

So I stitched for 4 hours yesterday, all after 9 PM…first I went down in the garage and found another fan, which I turned on my face…the tower I have was purposely purchased to be lower than the ironing board, so pieces don’t fly when I’m ironing, but it means I sweat like crazy from the boobs up…so this helped immensely. It was a double-fan night…

IMG_7630 small

I finished both boobs, the outstretched arm, and the head. I thought about stopping before I got to the head, because it was 1 AM at that point, but I knew I had work today, and my goal is to sandwich this and the other quilt I have sometime today (I need to check batting too). Plus copyedit. So I knew if I left the stitch down until today, I wouldn’t sandwich until tomorrow. And that still might happen, but it’s more likely to be done today if I finished last night. Besides…I thought I might at least get to sleep until 8 AM…ha ha ha. (and now they’re pressure-washing above me. I give up.)

IMG_7641 small

Wherever I am, they are. This is Simba trying to make friends with Midnight, who made a disaster of my nice piles that haven’t been fully put away yet. Because I’m not sure what to do with them. Actually, I have an idea now…just now…because I need all the college files in here. I use them all the time. But I need to find the rolling file thing that’s in the garage.

IMG_7629 small

Midnight outweighs Simba by probably 4 or 5 pounds. He doesn’t care. Plus she has sharp pointy bits, but she doesn’t really use them on him.

Kitten does. She’s not as tolerant. This is how I know my office is haunted. Kitten stared up in the corner for like 45 minutes. I don’t know what she was looking at, but she was Looking At It. Up There.

IMG_7642 small

This is when I stopped.

IMG_7645 small

Then I did all those nighttime things you do…mostly shutting windows and peeing a dog. So 2 AM before I got into bed. That explains this headache.

She’s all stitched down…I’m sure I missed something. She needs a good ironing…

IMG_7646 small

There’s gonna be a shitload of detail quilting on this…plus a lot of background under that arm. When I get batting, I will need to get thread too, but I’ve heard JoAnns isn’t carrying it any more. It’s hard to buy thread online to match…I’m going to have to figure that shit out today or tomorrow.

I think I’m going to need a nap later. A serious nap. And it will be hot and sweaty. Ugh. But if I get some stuff accomplished today, it will hopefully remove some of this panic. My anxieties are managed by post-its and daily reflection…note to self: buy more post-its (I don’t really need to do that. I have plenty.).

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