I’ll Figure It Out…

Some things that were going through my head in the last 36 hours…first of all, hallelujah that the hot weather has broken for now, because I was considering Naked Quilting, and there’s a few things that might be an issue…my kids for one thing, plus the fact that some parts of the body sweat too much and underwear can be a good thing to catch all that wet. Plus needles and scissors and nudity aren’t a good mix.

Second, the heat seems to have nixed the mockingbird. Yeah that bastard has been forcing me to sleep with a pillow over my head for months now, which is significantly difficult when it’s already hot. But apparently heat is not his superpower, and he has shut the fuck up. Hopefully permanently. No, I’m not wishing he were dead, because I’m not 12 years old (OK, let’s not analyze that thought in reference to a certain orange-faced, mop-wearing crazy man at the moment), but I would like him to let me sleep.

What else can I be grateful for this morning? More deadlines? Because I have more of them after yesterday’s fiber group meeting. It’s OK. I have 17 Excel spreadsheets currently in force to help me plan my art doings in the next year, and all of them say STOP trying to plan and just do.

Well, Saturday evening, I gave up on the do for a while (I did stitch stuff down for a good four hours Saturday, so I was no slacker…) and went out to see Arts and Amps at the Karl Strauss Tasting Room (it’s not really in PB…don’t panic). I was hoping for more Arts, but it was mostly Ale and Amps…although some of the beer sales went to help the Orlando victims…OK, not the wire work of fucking ducks…that’s Spenser Little, local wire guy, who I think I’m officially stalking, based on how often I go out to see his work.

IMG_7578 small

He gets around. The reason I knew about this event is a group called Cohort Collective that I follow, because I like a bunch of the artists’ work. And me and the guy were sort of fighting the idea that it was too hot to do anything and too hot to walk anywhere for dinner and we should do something interesting, so this is what we did. Yeah, there was a band. They were OK. The beer was good…but I mostly watched the painters work on this giant piece of canvas that had something else painted on it before they started (obviously), but we got there late, so we don’t know what it looked like before they started. So this was Dolan Stearns, whose style was kinda sloppy when you watched him, but had an interesting effect…

IMG_7579 small

And Christopher Konecki, who I’ve posted about before…we didn’t stick around for his part of the painting…not their fault. We were hungry and the food there wasn’t gonna work. But I was fascinated with how he painted…very different from the other two. Plus he wore gloves.

IMG_7581 small

And Nekoes, who did the beer growlers with faces…a very precise painter.

IMG_7582 small

Yes. I came to watch graffiti artists. Some day I want to try that. Or learn how to do it. I have this garage door. I swear I’ll paint it some day. In my spare time. Here was the commemorative glass…

IMG_7585 small

True, I think. Well. And a sketchbook and a good black pen. Yes. They carded us. We laughed hysterically.

My afternoon yesterday was spent at a fiber meeting, which is where all the new scary deadlines came from…they’re only scary because I’m already overwhelmed, but I’ll figure it out. I did some soul searching last night (OK, it was early this morning, and then I couldn’t sleep, but whatever. Don’t judge.) and I have some plans in place. They don’t involve sitting around and moping about how much I have to do, but I might need more cookies to implement them. Seriously.

I forgot the jalapeno when I did the kamikaze shopping yesterday morning, knowing the girlchild would be cooking but wouldn’t be helping with the shopping. I always forget something, which you’d think would persuade her that she needs to come with me more often, but no.

IMG_7587 small

Then we came home after dinner and I eventually started sewing. Kitten saw a lizard tail briefly and then spent the next 45 minutes sitting there and watching for more. Kitten TV is very slow and boring.

IMG_7588 small

And I stitched more down. I have one arm mostly done, plus all of the torso below the boobs and the whole Earth thing. I have a little over 5 hours in, and today is a bit compromised because a friend is in town. It’s OK…I won’t be getting as much done as I wanted to by now, but it’s not the end of the world yet. And friend time is good time.

IMG_7589 small

I’ll figure it out. I have two other plans in motion right now, although some of it is just in my head (a perfectly reasonable place for it to be, if you ask me)…as I’m sitting here listening to RAIN. That ain’t gonna last. But it’s way better than the alternative.

One thought on “I’ll Figure It Out…

  1. You are like my guilty pleasure. I read this blog, almost every post, because it is amazing to me that anyone can keep up with the schedule you set for yourself. And I love your honesty about not getting it all done… Because life gets in the way. I figure if you can’t get it done… With your drive and your crazy schedule… Then I have a pretty good excuse to not get more done. Yet my fiber art group thinks I must have more time than they do… Because I accomplish more. I think its You! I have this urgency to get it done. Is it you?


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