Today’s Word: Iron

I’m barely functional this morning. The dogs were up early and hyper, ready to play before 6 AM. I’m never ready to play that early. I’m not playing until they learn to bring me a cup of tea and let me sleep a full 6 hours at least. Not happening.

So now I’m sitting here nursing a headache and my first cup of tea after trying to go back to sleep and flailing massively. Birds are too damn loud, dogs barking, Kitten trying to headbutt her way into getting me up to feed her. I did feed the dogs. I’m sure it seems unfair.

I did get to the ironing stage yesterday though…I cleaned up, put all the fabric away, and hung up the giant-ass drawing so I could see what I was ironing.

IMG_6954 small

It’s people-sized. Seriously. It’s 64″ tall…and so am I…on a good day.

Here’s all the stupid fusible web that released. Yes. I am a little OCD about my pieces…

IMG_6955 small

You can see all the shapes this way. It makes it easy to figure out what’s what. For instance, I know that the piece that is 4 from the right side, up three pieces, is in the 1600s. I can’t remember what they are, but they’re all in the 1600s. Ahh…this is what the drawing is for…it’s part of the snake wrapped around her arm.

Then I laid out the first 100 pieces, which are mostly big because they’re part of the earth at the bottom of the drawing…

IMG_6956 small

I ironed some and then (ironically) we went and hiked Iron Mountain.

IMG_6960 small

Really, that wasn’t on purpose. And no, I didn’t try to put the mountain in the sign on top of the real mountain, because if I’d waited any longer to take the photo, you’d have the version where my son is flipping me off because he doesn’t like his photo taken. And it’s been much cooler the last two days…so the high-heat advisory? Maybe over.

We aimed to get to the top by sunset, but we also forgot the headlamps. You know, the ones we checked earlier in the afternoon to make sure the batteries were OK. So that was kinda stupid.

IMG_6966 small

The purple flowers were beautiful. Julie will know what they are.

IMG_6968 small

Sunset was a little marine-layer-affected, but it was nice anyway.

IMG_6977 small

Then we headed back down in the dark and didn’t have dinner until 10 PM. Not necessarily the best plan, but whatever. It was a good hike, although for the first time in 3 months, my boots gave me heel blisters. I don’t know why. Annoying.

Then I eventually got my tired butt up off the couch and ironed some more…while watching Longmire. Those are the fabrics I’ve used so far…

IMG_6978 small

I did the earth and the mountains, but not the volcano. I didn’t even get 100 pieces ironed…

IMG_6979 small

Which is fine. I’ll get more done today. Although I have to go to a meeting first. And to the gym at some point, probably later. I do better at the gym at night. Anyway, I’m getting art stuff done…that’s a good thing.

One thought on “Today’s Word: Iron

  1. I’m thinking black sage… could be wrong…

    Next time you see it, give it a smell. Like sage? Then black sage…


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