Trying to Relax…

Yesterday was the day I did all the errands I blew off for days. I’m not quite on vacation yet. Although I did stay up past 1 AM last night to finish a book, but I have to be honest…I’ve been known to do that during the school year on a work night, so it’s really not an indicator of relaxed Kathy. I’m not there yet, for sure. It usually takes a week or two past the last day. A week or two of not having to plan or type something out for school or put something on a website or email a parent…then maybe my brain lets go of some of that work tension and lets me sit and draw, sit and read, watch a movie without guilt, make art without squawking about grades.

So I’m negotiating that space right now…the part where I just want to make art and nothing else. The house does still need cleaning and purging, as always. There are projects all over the place, the boychild chipping away at some of them. It’s nice to have help with that.

I still don’t feel like I’ve slept enough. I need to make up for 10 months of too-little sleep. Sure, I’m never gonna catch up. I know that.

Anyway, progress is being made on the quilt. I set up for sorting yesterday…

IMG_6939 small

It took 30 minutes just to find enough bins. I have more; they’re just in use. So I had to be a bit creative. And then I found another pile of them, so that was lame. Seriously, there are 20 of them.

Well, 21 if you count the one holding all the pieces…it’s full. Of 1954 pieces (or whatever it really is, because sometimes I miss pieces, so I have a’s and b’s). I think I did pretty well numbering this piece though…

IMG_6940 small

It took 2 hours and 18 minutes JUST to sort the fuckers. I did take a break in the middle. It’s funny though…I would move to a different section of the table because the majority of the pieces I was dealing with were in that section, and I can’t reach ALL the boxes from any one position, and then all the pieces would belong in another section. Sigh.

IMG_6944 small

So there was lots of piling little tiny pieces up on my hand by their number and then carefully walking over there, without any wind so they wouldn’t all blow away. Kinda crazy. Also means no fan on…

And the smaller pieces did a really shitty job of holding the fusible. This is frustrating. I mean, it’s still easy enough to deal with these…I lay them out on a colored box lid, so I can see the shapes, and then when I have a piece with no fusible attached, I either match it to its fusible piece or I redraw it. I just wish I didn’t have to do this…that it would stay attached.

IMG_6945 small

Because that is not a small number of small pieces.

Today, though, today…I get to start one of my favorite parts of the quiltmaking process…the fabric choosing. Although I have to clean up first…that table is where I lay them out. So yeah. That’s a bit of time…just to find homes for all of it. There’s piles of fabric under all that too. I didn’t feel like dealing with that last night.

IMG_6951 small

Maybe with another cup of tea.

Meanwhile, Kitten stalks all the windows in the house for this every night. This is her most exciting moment…

IMG_6947 small

My ugly bathroom window…one of the three thousand lizards that climb my house every night (I don’t know why they do this…because the house is warm still?)…a cat who will now come in my bathroom every night looking for this guy. Because it happens once every 6 months.

This is the book I stayed up late to finish…


Uprooted by Naomi Novik. It was good. I liked it. There were a couple things that threw me off, but it was well-written and you cared about the characters. The boychild is still trying to get me to read her naval dragon series, but I’m not really a fan of naval wars. This was for book club…not sure what I need to read next. I already read the September book club book…and I think August is on order with the library. So wait. I can read what I want? Seriously? Those piles of books all over the house? I can just pick one and read it? Huh. Wow. Must be vacation. Seriously, I spend the school year trying to be caught up on book club and reading the occasional thing in between. This is strange.

I think I like it.

OK. Need to clean. And drink more tea. So I can iron…and then hike tonight. Looking forward to that. Should probably check batteries in headlamps…because no way are we hiking in afternoon heat…temps drop at 6 PM. Sounds like a good time to start. Then approximately (based on the last big quilt) 23 hours of ironing fabrics…without school every day, I should be able to pound that out in about 2 or 3 days (ha. that’s funny.). Or not. Let’s say by the end of the weekend? Ya think? Maybe? I can always set a goal that I don’t meet. Yes. This is how I relax. By setting deadlines. Crazy ones. It’s OK. These are art deadlines. I can handle those.

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