Apparently It’s Vacation

As I was walking up the steps to my door last night, balancing food and gym gear and a set of headphones that I think is still out there on the ground, I finally felt summer vacation. It was right there in my chest, a giant boulder just lifting off. I think it had been disappearing a bit at a time, but somehow, in the dark, walking painfully up the stairs (blister from the hike, plus I’d just worked out for 2 hours), hearing the night birds, feeling summer air, realizing I had nothing to do the next day (that is not exactly true), and honestly, here’s the key: I had no idea what day of the week it was. Yeah. It’s vacation. At least a little. I have more work coming in probably today, and a huge quilt in progress, and I’m trying to take a refresher class in chemistry that was kicking my butt last night, but otherwise, it’s vacation.

What a relief. It always takes at least a week for my brain to give up on school.

I picked out the flesh for this quilt yesterday…honestly, most of it is covered by plants and animals, but I still need fabric for it…plus the face.

IMG_6981 small

I got a little bit ironed before I had to head off for a meeting…

IMG_6982 small

Girlchild is faking sleep…puppy is not. He’s really adorable sometimes, when he’s not eating his own poop or barking at invisible dangers.

IMG_6985 small

The drawing is so big and detailed that I started pinning the bottom of it to the ironing board, so I didn’t have to get down on the ground to see the details. I ironed the raccoon and some violets yesterday and it took forever.

IMG_6986 small

Mostly the violets, because when I numbered them, I did it in 3 different boxes…the 200s, the 300s, and the 500s. So I had to go searching through all those boxes for these freakishly tiny violet pieces and stems. Kind of a pain. Time-consuming as well. I think I have over 6 hours of ironing in and I’m still working in the 200s box, although I’ve picked up pieces into the 900s, I think. I found all the big flesh pieces in the lower torso, minus the ribs, and ironed them all first.

I’m trying to be logical, whatever that means at the moment.

Here’s what was ironed down by the end of the day.

IMG_6989 small

I was pretty tired by then…

IMG_6990 small

I have some good news about a solo show for 2017, but I want a few more details before I drop that news. But in current show news, Earth Stories opens at the Huntington Museum of Art in Huntington, West Virginia , tomorrow, running through October 2. California Fibers: Eclectic Fibers opens tomorrow at the Oceanside Museum of Art in Oceanside, California, and runs through October 9. I have quilts in both…the one below is from Earth Stories…it’s the smaller piece, Planting Choice, that goes with the larger one.

Nida003 copy

Anyway, as always, send photos if you can take them…I love seeing my work in situ. I’ll be at the Oceanside Museum opening too, so look for me and say hi.

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