Tentacles Don’t Have to Be Complicated

You’ll be glad to know I did actual artmaking activities last night. I know y’all were concerned. Certainly I was too. It’s not that I don’t want to…it’s that it’s the last trimester of school and that is just plain hard. Most teachers are in burnout mode right now, even with Spring Break packed in our brains. By the time we get through testing in a month, the jokes about margarita machines in the teacher’s lounge will be very very serious-sounding. If there’s a teacher in your life, make them a care package or something. Send them to a spa or get them a massage. An evening with friends might be what they need to get through the next 5 days. Rinse. Repeat.

I did grade stuff first, which is where I learned that apparently chewing gum causes heart attacks. Yup. Seriously. OK. Moving on to the next assignment, where answers might be more clearly thought out. And all that was after driving downtown to brainstorm on a new exhibit for 2017 with my women’s art group about sexism in the art world. Should be interesting. And I made the boychild’s flight arrangements home. I know he was trying to find a job out there for the summer, but I’m glad he’s coming home, even though it means I can’t rent his room out to Airbnb…to people who don’t mind my sewing at midnight…with music on…loud. Yeah. I’m never gonna be a good roommate.

So I taped together the head of the drawing I’d done…and then I added more paper for the rest of the drawing…

DSCN0059 small

Apparently I think this drawing will be quite large.

DSCN0060 small

It’s kind of a pain to deal with it like this, but I’m doing it anyway. I want to do another Earth Mother, so I am. You Can’t Stop Me! So there.

I don’t like the arm on the right at all, so I’ve redrawn it, although you can’t see that here because I’m still debating what will be ON it…there’s a snake already, but there will be something else. I’m leaning towards cheetah or leopard, but I need to deal with some other stuff on here first…like a better heart than what I had.

DSCN0062 small

It needed to be smaller and better. And now it is. So now I just need to keep reminding myself not to make it too complicated. Because this is full size. And I don’t remember how many pieces the last Earth Mother had, but it was tiny pieces in the bottom section, and that was a bit crazy. I can look that up…it was only 891 pieces…so not a lot more than what was in the little piece I just finished. Interesting. It seemed more complicated than that.

And I just remembered I wanted a sun up top that was more complicated than what’s there, so I’ll need to add a piece of paper up there to extend it as well. Last I checked, it was 50-some inches high. So that’s not too bad. Only minorly crazy.

It’s taking a lot of brain time to draw though…a lot of staring at it and visualizing what could be there. I have pictures of snakes, octopuses, and leopards pulled up on my iPad at the moment. Think the octopus will go on the left shoulder, up in the hair but tentacles curling down onto her arm. Octopuses are weird-looking beasts…their…um…heads? are such strange shapes. I have to remember from previous quilts that drawing all the tiny suckers means crazy when it comes to tracing and ironing them. Tentacles don’t have to be complicated.

Anyway, it’s a start. It’s peaceful to draw. It calms my mind, lets all the stress dribble out and wander off, so I can do the next day. I have been meditating more for real, using my app, but honestly, sometimes this is all I need to do. Stare at the paper and draw.

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