Spring Cleaning

I have art photos from the weekend, but no time this morning to resize them. Forgot about all the stuff I had to get done this morning. Saturday was good but Sunday kicked my butt? I don’t know. I managed to cook enough variety in food to deal with one breakfast, three dinners, and three lunches. Not bad. And I made it to an art opening, plus the grocery store, and finished the taxes and wrote something that needed to be written (only 3 more to go) and did a bunch of school stuff, but it’s never enough. I really flailed sometime around 9 PM. Except now I know both kids are going to be home for the summer, so what did I do? I messed up the boychild’s room.

I had good reason for it. He’ll be home in 6 weeks. That means I’ll have to clean it up by then.

DSCN0057 small

It forces me to deal with the mess. So all that has been piled up in my office in front of one of the bookshelves for years. The pile changes, morphs, revises itself, but it seems like all it’s done in the last five years is grow. So that’s it. I’m done with it. I have no clue as to what’s in that red box or the yellow clothes hamper (which dates back to college I think?), but it’s all getting sorted and either tossed or filed or rehomed. Because I need that two feet in front of the bookshelf to be clear…I washed the floor last night…

DSCN0058 small

I should have taken a before picture, but it was stacked a good two feet out and four feet across. Now I’m sitting here at the computer and looking to the left, and there’s my old computer (had this one a year now) and why the hell is it still in here? You don’t even want to see the crazy piles of paper that have resulted from college apps and financial aid, plus art entries for the last three million years. It’s just nuts. But in my spare time, I file stuff and find homes for it. So that’s mostly what I did last night. I had stuff in my room from when we remodeled the living room two summers ago, so I started emptying boxes and either tossing it or finding a better home for it than my floor.

Whoa. I think I’m spring cleaning. That can’t be right. Hmmm.

Probably I’m just avoiding whatever all the next steps are in my art quilting existence: tape together and draw the rest of a really huge drawing that’s only partially in my head. Start picking fabrics for the new quilt. Give up on being truly creative and trace Wonder Under for the other two small quilts that are lying around. Not sure why this is so hard, but am blaming it on school restarting and already hiking my stress levels through the roof last week. Hopefully this week will be a bit better. At least it’s mostly planned, although there’s an eyeball dissection in the middle that might be a bit challenging…mostly for cleanup though. I’ve been dissecting eyeballs with classfuls of 7th graders for years.

OK, have lots to do this morning. Need to get my butt out of here. I’m hoping art content will be on here tomorrow morning…either I will have resized the damn photos or more hopefully, I will have made art tonight (don’t look at the calendar…it’s booked until 8 PM I think). Certainly I think I will need to do something creative tonight or I’ll be out of sorts tomorrow.

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