Saturday’s Under Control

Hello Saturday. I am kicking your ass. Bow down. I have completed 17 tasks and errands and you cannot bring me down. I am mostly awake and caffeinated, although my food plan for this week was mostly shit, and it’s supposed to start pouring any second now, but fuck you, I am still conquering the to-do list. Because I finished all the out-and-about stuff (well, except grocery shopping, which I could do, but…eh…not in the mood). And I now can make art or whatever without your judging me.

You don’t need to snort and chuckle with Friday about how I almost lost it during 4th period yesterday due to some mass attack of teenaged fuzz brain, or how I went to bed early with a cup of tea (yes, caffeine helps me fall asleep when it’s part of a cup of tea) and my book. So no, Saturday, I didn’t fucking make any art last night or Thursday night or whatever, but hey! I’m still adjusting to being back at school and I put out 38 fires on Friday and I am so bloody efficient that I scare myself sometimes.

Yeah. I know. I forgot something. Someone will tell me that later. I don’t wanna hear it today.

Anyway, one of the amazingly efficient things I’ve done in the last 24 hours is pick up the photos of my new quilt, And Then There Was One.

Kathy Nida Quilt

This one is only 16″ x 24″, but it still has over 800 pieces in it. Because I’m crazy, that’s why.

Kathy Nida Quilt

So one of the art groups I’m in had plans for a show about current issues of feminism. They wanted us to pick a larger piece that dealt with these issues and then make a 16″ x 24″ piece that went with it. So I had picked One of My Kind

NidaOneofMyKind small

which has me, both my kids, my mom, and my (dead) grandmother, as well as a bunch of other stuff. It’s from 2011, so it’s actually kind of old, but I’ve never been able to get it into a juried show. It’s more of a storytelling quilt I think, plus it’s kinda in your face and chaotic. But it was important to me and I really like all the detail. So I looked at that image 5 years later, and I’m a single mom with these two adults, both in college, and you know they’re leaving and at some point you’ll only see them once a year unless they move back here, and that’s been hard for me to deal with. I’m proud of them and think they’re cool people, but it’s hard after 26 years to all of a sudden (not really) be totally alone in this house. And yes, girlchild is coming back for the summer…still up in the air on the boychild, and neither of them are children any more, but I drew the smaller piece in response to all of that.

That’s the last two quilts getting into shows pretty much right off, which is kinda cool. Not sure that will happen with the next two (because it didn’t happen with the two before those either!), but it’s nice when it DOES happen.

OK. Still need to deal with cranky tax question and some other to-do list items before I truly relax for the day (night?). But yeah. Saturday’s under control. In case you were worried.

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Under Control

  1. Your work is phenomenal and I enjoy your writing too! I understand you do it for you but please know you speak to others (or at least to me!) through your art and words. You are brave in both.


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