It’s funny. When I get closer to the end of a school break, I start to panic, realizing I haven’t done nearly enough of ANYTHING (because I always forget that I don’t keep going for 24 hours straight on a regular basis, and the priorities shift. Yesterday I got up with the intention of finishing 3-5 classes’ worth of the project I assigned before break, but I only got through 2 before I was screeching at the top of my lungs and wanting to throw my computer out the window. So I went to the gym after that and gave myself a break, but then thought I could easily finish the binding on the small quilt that needs to be done by Friday and then do another class of grading.

Oh yeah. Binding takes longer than I thought. First I had to cut a new set of binding strips, because I had done wibbly wobbly math in my head the previous night. I am notoriously bad at math late at night. And then sew them on. And remember to eat dinner. And finish the book I was reading (it was good…it deserved finishing). And then I started the hand sewing, which always takes much longer than I think it will…

DSCN0573 small

Which is kind of the theme of the whole quilt. It took 56 hours to make it. I started it just over a month ago. Most of it has been completed over Spring Break. But it’s tiny for that many hours, only 16 x 24″…proving to those people who want me to make smaller stuff so they can afford it that when I go small, I don’t always go simple. It has over 800 pieces in it, which is a bit nuts.

Here it is finished, not official photos, but I was trying to hold off on taking just one small piece in because it’s cheaper if I have more than one…and I hate having to pay a big chunk of money on such a small piece, but I don’t think I can get another one done just to justify the photo shoot.

DSCN0577 small

There is that other crazy top lying around, but I still have to finish the other three classes of project grading. Before school starts again. And do a few other things. Time always speeds up at the end of breaks and I lose entire days it seems. How is it already Thursday? And I’m considering inking it now that I’m seeing the photo. So that’s more time. But not a lot.

I am planning on starting another project right away…the drawing’s done and numbered. I just need to shift a lot of stuff off the light table. But really, what I need to do is finish the grading first. I don’t want to. It might hurt. But before ALL of that, I get to go see my co-worker’s baby today. School can wait for that. Hell, everything can wait for that.

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