So Obviously a Dream…

I’m typing this while gulping down my first cup of tea for the day, the one that makes me legal to drive and interact with humans. I’m putting food in me as well, because it’s a day of moving and lifting, helping someone out. I’m tired, but I’m not exhausted any more. Last night I got a burst of energy and ironed about 5 quilts, cutting slats etc, and then bullied through the rest of the tracing of the Wonder Under…

DSCN2961 small

Honestly, for a quilt with almost a thousand pieces, I didn’t use that much Wonder Under…two full sheets and about 2/3 of another. Of course, that’s because all the pieces are fucking tiny. It took a little over 9 hours to trace, with over 2 hours of it last night. I did exactly what I said I would…spent a little time vegging out, then packed up the girlchild’s Box of Forgotten Things (more like things that wouldn’t fit in her luggage) to ship to her, ironed some stuff, ordered pizza for dinner (had a coupon), and then traced until I was done. I even graded a few things last night, though it was nothing major.

I can start cutting all that Wonder Under apart on Sunday, once I have all the quilts ready to go (kind of a scary thought in itself). I don’t think the cutting will take long, because I clumped similar pieces together (all the fingernails on one hand, every other tooth…that kind of crazy thing). Less cutting until the very end, when I iron them down.

My parents’ dog Katie is back to visit. If by visit, I mean sort of stalk cats and roll over for a belly rub every time someone walks by. It’s actually really hard to get a good picture of her, because despite her roly poly affect, she’s a hyper little sausage beast. I call this “Katie with Red Toy.”

DSCN2959 small

But this is really mostly what I get…

DSCN2960 small

Spaz. I’m off now to make the second cup of tea for the day, the one that makes me not only legal, but somewhat competent, although arguably so. I dreamt last night of sitting on a couch in the evening, no pressure from work or kidlets or anything else, just drawing. Happily drawing. Uh huh. Oh yeah, and I was well-rested. So obviously a dream.

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