A Room with a View

This has been my view every night this week…

DSCN2955 small

Although often there is a cat butt or dog face right beyond it. One night there was a fire in the fireplace. The TV fare has been a wide variety of sci fi and drama and action thriller, with an occasional foray into vampires or cooking shows (girlchild, not me. When she’s not here, I don’t watch cooking shows. Or Criminal Minds. Or any of those not-mean girl shows like Awkward and Faking It).

In the other room, where I’ve been ironing and dehairing and cutting wood dowels or slats all week, I’m watching zombies.

What’s interesting (and possibly stupid) about this quilt is that the pieces I’m tracing are all pretty small, so it hasn’t taken much Wonder Under so far. I’m only on my third piece, which is about 3 yards. And I haven’t even come close to filling the third piece yet.

DSCN2956 small

Yesterday, I traced the central upper torso and the last arm (of 5…of course) on the left side, and then just started the last arm on the right. So I have that arm and a uterus (it’s floating in air…like they do) and then three heads.

DSCN2957 small

I made it into the 700s yesterday, so there’s less than 300 pieces to go. I did a little tired flailing last night, so I didn’t get started on the tracing as early as I wanted. And that’s lame, because then I get into it and I’m all of a sudden not tired any more, and it’s really relaxing, who needs meditation, because I’m tracing all these pieces out and I can’t really focus on anything but that and the sound from the telly and it’s all very nice.

I don’t know if I can finish tonight. I hope I can, but I’m already really tired from the first week back to school, and I have to be up early tomorrow. So maybe not. I’m going to try. I’m going to come home from work and get some tea in me and allow for about 30 minutes of sitting down and vegging out, and then I’m going to pack up the box for the girlchild that I was going to ship today, but now she wants shampoo and I don’t have any (I did go shopping yesterday). So that’s going tomorrow.

Less than 300 pieces. Less than three hours. Order pizza. Boychild won’t mind. Almost 7 hours into the tracing. Don’t think about all the shit that’s getting turned in today at school. Of course, I haven’t spent almost three hours working on tracing this piece all week…too tired. But I think I’m far ahead enough in the ironing that maybe I can do less tonight. Because I still have Sunday.

I definitely have drive. You can’t argue that I don’t. And I should think more about what I have traveling in shows…I forget that stuff is out there and in the world. Two pieces in People in Portraits are traveling with AQS Quilt Week, starting in Phoenix, AZ, February 11. Earth Stories is at the San Jose Quilt Museum in San Jose, CA, through February 28. My Celebrating Silver quilt, Awakening the Crone, will be traveling with the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo, starting in Atlanta, GA, March 10 (I’m wondering how this will go down personally, but whatever). My Part-Time Oasis quilt is traveling; it was just in Oklahoma and will be going to the Home Machine Quilting & Sewing Show, in Salt Lake City, UT, starting May 5 (another one I wonder about). And I’ll have pieces in the Artist as Quiltmaker and Art Quilt Elements coming up in the spring. Not bad for something I only do in the middle of the night.

In fact, I have some shows I’d like to enter and so much of my newer work is out or spoken for that I’m having a hard time coming up with work to enter. Sad but true.

I’m glad I have the art. My counselor asked how I was doing with one kid back to school already and the other one leaving in a week, and the answer is I’m sad. I mean, I don’t have to clean off the counter as much, but the house is a happier place with the noise of other people, especially my kids, and that’s a hard thing to lose. I know it’s what supposed to happen and I want them to grow up and move out and have lives, but it’s still hard on my end.

Girlchild at school…in the snow…

image1 small

OK. Got to go to work and teach kids how to argue properly. About science. They already argue about other stuff all the time.

One Response to A Room with a View

  1. denise says:

    The silence in the house is probably the thing I struggle with the most…even though I do enjoy the new relationship with a now-adult daughter….


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