Thunderstorms and Nucleotides

I think I spent most of the night with a terrified Golden Retriever on my feet, hiding her head under a Justin Bieber blanket. Calli doesn’t like thunderstorms, and we had a big one last night, rattling the windows and shaking the house. Please don’t ask me why we have a Bieber blanket. I can’t explain it. There was lots of rain too, which is good, because we always need it. It did make it hard to grade efficiently though, and since my goal is to grade one full assignment a day until grades are turned in, I didn’t get much done while calming a giant dog who wanted to alternately climb into my lap and dig a hole under the couch. Or through it at times.

I did eventually make it in here, the studio, though. It was late and honestly maybe I should have gone to bed. I hate all those articles about how lack of sleep fucks you over every step of the way, but not sleeping is what gives me time to make my art, which makes me mentally a much more stable person. There needs to be an equation for that…some way to show that the balance is in the positive direction, even though it seems illogical. Of course, last night I was trying to figure out if it made more sense to make the God gene (the gene or string of genes that makes someone more likely to believe in a god or gods than us flaming atheists) the dominant trait or a mutation. And yes, I know the God gene is controversial and unproven, but it’s really hard to look around the world and see all the people for whom religion is such a significant part of how they live their lives and try to figure out what in their brains makes that a survival trait or something they need, when my brain is so opposite of that. There has to be a brain part that handles that, a brain part that’s created by a string of nucleotides, and there are variations in the string so you get a range of behaviors related to religion from crazy cultist (which might be a whole ‘nother string of nucleotides…and then there’s environmental factors) to an atheist like me who has never believed and never will, who just can’t see the sense in it at all.

I mean it all comes down to the nucleotides. And the environment in which they exist.

Anyway, you can see how my brain wallows in scientific shit on a regular basis, right? Luckily I know how to Google shit (unlike my students apparently) so I can read about theories and studies and crazy shit instead of sleeping, right? I know. Whatever. There was a lot of shit in the last two sentences.

So anyway, it’s going to take me days to get through all of these at this rate. Here’s the 2nd heart in hands (going backwards now)…

Nov 4 15 001 small

Pinned, ready for handsewing. It’s a dark dark blue, not black. It was actually hard to find something that worked well with this color, which is not a good sign, because half the quilts in there have that color background. Sigh. It’s always so hard to believe that I have all this fabric and still have a hard time picking matching stuff sometimes.

Eight more to go. Plus all the handsewing. I was stuck at school for hours yesterday with detention and tutorial, and two parents showed up, so impromptu parent meetings, and then I had to go to the school board meeting as a rep, because the district doesn’t want to pay us for our work…so today, I’m outta there as soon as I can be, I swear, although I have to get a blood test, pick up the fixed car, copy stuff, and I can’t even remember what else. All the stuff I didn’t do yesterday, right? If I can get more of today’s assignment graded at school, then maybe I can get more quilting done at home tonight. I can always hope. (I say that a lot.)

I think my nucleotides are scrambled.

One Response to Thunderstorms and Nucleotides

  1. nissetje says:

    Looking forward to your Justin Bieber quilt. 🙂


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