Stop Making Art and Go to Bed…

Things might be getting under control. Knock on wood. Presumably there’s a dryer arriving soonish, within a matter of days. I have no idea when, though, which should be interesting, because I’m rarely home for deliveries of anything, let alone large appliances that need installation. The car is fixable and should be done today or tomorrow; meanwhile, the kids’ car is done and bouncing around with me in it (needs new shocks, so not bouncing well or happily). I might actually catch up with grading sometime soon, although then I will be promptly behind again, because that’s how it works. One of my coworkers is already done and I might need to kill her. I’m obviously doing it wrong. It rained last night, but I managed to get the dog walk in before it did…it was a nice walk; that monster hill no longer kicks my ass. School does, though, and it’s really because it seems like this year’s batch of kids doesn’t understand turning work in, and their parents don’t care. So some days are significantly frustrating, because work completion means you can’t just stare at a computer screen and wait for magic. You have to go DO it. It’s funny though. We used to have kids take notes from powerpoints and then maybe make or draw something or fill something out, but now we tell them they have to go create their own meaning. You figure it out. I’ve given you guidelines…now go do work. And they don’t. They beg for notetaking because they don’t have to think. All they have to do is copy from the board. So it’s torture for all of us. I haven’t given up yet though. It’s only first trimester.

I planned to finish grading one assignment last night, and it was so long and drawn out, the answers so tortured themselves that I felt like crawling under the couch to escape them. I finished though and then came in here to do whatever I was gonna do. Oh yeah, finish quilting the owl.

All I had to do was the background, so it didn’t take long.

Nov 3 15 001 small

The book on Pandas…it’s the right size for the student lists I use to record grades when I’m grading online. It’s in here because I was grading on the iPad in here on Saturday while I watched something (old Dr Who?) on the computer. I was tired of sitting on the couch. Needed a new vista. That’s when I heard the neighbors’ realtor tell someone they could trim my trees. Hence a flurry of emails. The fuck you can. My trees.

It wasn’t late enough then to go to bed, so I decided to try to at least cut out the binding. And then that turned into sewing it on and making a sleeve and pinning it all down.

Nov 3 15 002 small

All that’s left is the hand-sewing. Almost 1 down, 9 to go. Picking the bindings is difficult…I don’t always have enough of whatever fabrics I used in the quilt to bind it as well, so then I have to find something new. Plus they’re tiny little fuckers. I cut this one a little TOO tiny. So I’ll adjust for next time.

But now, I really need to write a study guide before I leave for school (ugh). I have a board meeting after work where the reps all show up in red and look angry that the school board disrespects our work so much that they can’t offer us more. It means being at work for over 10 hours. Not looking forward to it. I’m already tired. That’s my fault, of course, because I don’t know when to stop making art and go to bed.

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