Hearts in Hands…

Saturday came to me early and I told it to fuck off. I reminded it of all the Saturdays I’d been up early for soccer games, up before dawn, getting cranky-ass kids out of bed and finding their uniforms. Getting up early because kids were up. There was no such thing as sleeping in. Saturday reminded me that Kitten was hungry. I rolled over and told Kitten to fuck off, that there was dry food in there and she obviously could gnaw on my arm if that ran out.

It’s such a rare occurrence that my street is quiet and there are no other interruptions in the morning that I can actually sleep. So I did. Because obviously I needed to. Although I have a headache…but I think that is attributable to my need to go to the chiropractor (appointment Monday with a new one, because my old one retired) and possibly the weather. Or a lack of caffeine. Can’t fix the weather.

I graded papers last night. I know you’re shocked. I didn’t grade all of them. I left some for today or tomorrow or for every fucking day between now and the end of the school year. And then it starts again next August. Teacher hell. If you don’t grade it, they won’t do it. Sigh. So I’m buried. Underwater. In a metal tomb that says “She didn’t finish her grading before report cards” inscribed on it.

But then I got up off the couch…and I should admit that I took the dog on a glorious 3-mile walk before I graded papers, so getting up off the couch was a challenge…and came in here. I didn’t get all of them done, like I wanted, because now I’m ironing the more complicated ones, so they take longer. Well, one of them did. The other was pretty quick. I’m hoping to do some more today, but I’m running out of time. Always.

Earlier this year, I participated in a fundraiser for cancer research, and I made a small heart in hands for my donation. It was too complicated for the amount paid, though, so I tried to redraw it simpler…I think I succeeded with this one, but we’ll have to see what the final minute count is…

Oct 17 15 002 small

This was actually the second one I drew…

Oct 17 15 003 small

Because first I drew this one, which is twice as complicated…twice as many pieces and many of them tiny little fingers with tiny little wrinkles in them. So not a success in simplification. That said, I still like it…

Oct 17 15 004 small

And hopefully someone else will too…

Oct 17 15 005 small

So those two are obviously not cats. There’s two cats left…numbers 3 and 6 (the one I called 3 yesterday is actually 2…I think. Sigh.). And then the owl. So I’ll get one or two or maybe even three of those done today. After I eat and shower and consume more caffeine and I really should grade more papers. Stupid job. And I have another story I really need to write ASAP.

But after hiking last night, I had to just sit and space out for a bit. I read some stuff on Feedly. And then I went to ultra-space-out mode and tried to clean up my photo files. I moved all of July’s files into their appropriate homes, which took about an hour or so. And as I was going through those, I realized I really really wanted to make another big quilt…because there were all these photos of the drawing process and ironing of Beyond the Concrete. I really enjoy the time it takes to make a large quilt…the depth of the process, how it consumes you for weeks. These small ones are like potato chips. You get one done and you’re like, oh, that was it? Must have another. A big quilt is like a good piece of cheesecake…it will last for ages. The feeling of fulfillment will last a really long time. You’ll be immersed in it, enjoying it, dreaming about it, thinking about it while you drive. It consumes me. I like that feeling.

I guess that’s a good thing, because I have two larger ones coming up that I want to do. I just need to make a decision about the drawings I’ll use. With the second one, I think I will draw something new. Maybe. I do have this incredible urge to draw as well. I wish schoolwork would mellow out enough that I felt like I could spend a few evenings drawing. I am so buried.

Anyway. Large quilt on the horizon. As soon as I get these tiny beasts done. End of October. My Halloween gift to myself…a new big project.

Hope to see you at the Interpretations opening tonight. Now I have to worry about what to wear…

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