My Neighbor Burping.

That’s all I can hear this morning. Which is better than the other neighbor, who is constantly hurking up a lung. Haven’t heard him in a while. Maybe he stopped smoking. He’s not dead, because I saw him the other day. But the burping…and you have to understand, I don’t have neighbors real close to me…it’s over a half-acre lot. But burping carries. There he goes again. Thank you sir. I feel better now.

Still having problems getting this quilt done…which is funny, because I’ve had the time…I just keep grading stuff first and it takes forever. I set a goal like “I will grade all of this one assignment” and then my SIL calls and we argue about public school teachers and stuff and then the kids are going back and forth about when girlchild will leave for Ithaca to visit for Thanksgiving and that’s all by text and then the boychild is texting me quotes from Greek poetry before he goes to bed.

And then I’m braindead. Why? I worked hard yesterday. I stretched their brains. I demanded critical thinking. I didn’t do a lot of hand-holding. I WILL make them think and think harder than they have ever thought before. I even made one boy cry (it’s OK, he came back and hugged me later and even apologized for arguing with me). It was hard for me too. It’s easier to just give them an answer, honestly. That’s why a lot of teachers just do that. Go research something and find the right answer. Not Make a claim and then do some testing and some creative thinking about the possible outcomes and then write about it clearly. Without my helping you much because you do know what you are doing and I have faith in you. I know you can do it.

Anyway. Today we move on to the next step…and we were just as vague about this one, but some kids will prefer this because it’s visual rather than writing. And I’m just going to be glad to be almost done with pulling teeth and fingernails, and to be moving on to the next unit. Although I will still make them think, but not until the very end will it be this hard. And I’ve done that one before, so I know how it feels.

The dog is escaping from my yard…my daughter’s dog. She chewed through a rather thick bit of metal fencing my ex put up to stop her digging under the fence. She runs to his house and there is no one there. He must play with her all the time. I’m the boring grandparent apparently. Hopefully we can come up with another solution…or maybe she just needs to stay with him full time. Even though he’s never home. Golden Retriever brains aren’t very logical.

So binding. I didn’t start until 11. Which was lame. I’m not even sure why. I was zoning out.

Sep 25 15 001 small

And then I went to bed early. I’ve only gotten down one side. And I have something to do tonight, so I guess tomorrow morning I will get up and sew around the other three sides and two sleeves, because I already emailed the photographer. It’ll be fine. And I need to ink it too. Am I crazy? Possibly. Always. I was working all that time or managing stuff anyway. Paying bills. Booking flights. Organizing shit. Staring off into space maybe. Can’t remember. It’s all a blur.

I want to go to the Earth Stories opening in San Jose, but it’s on a Sunday afternoon. Ugh. And I teach the next day. And the flights are a mess. Nothing is nonstop. Everything takes forever. I guess I’m not going. Saturday, I might have tried to do it, but it’s going to eat the whole weekend AND I’ll have to come back super late on a Sunday because there’s nothing nonstop. Whatever. Someone will have to go to that opening for me and take pictures.

I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed and subsequently nonfunctional at the moment. Too much grading, too many responsibilities, too much I need to get done, too much mess, not enough money! (always), and don’t I get paid next week? That’s probably a good thing. Then I get to book two flights for the kids and there’s the next scary Visa bill.

Kitten doesn’t care. She does care about all the lizards that keep climbing our windows at night…kind of amusing to watch honestly.

Sep 25 15 003 small

There’s a lot of tail-twitching and meow-y chirpy sounds. And she’d like it if I’d pet her more. I heard a nasty cat yowl last night and then I couldn’t find her (because she was hiding somewhere). The yowl was outside, but she got out that one time, so now I’m paranoid. Anyway, she finally showed up and was quite happy to get extra attention because I was so relieved, so now she will probably yowl in corners of the house and then hide until I run panicked into the room, then stroll out ready for extra love.

OK. It’s only one day of school before the weekend. And glorious sleeping in. And finally finishing this quilt. I can do one day. Right? I can?

One Response to My Neighbor Burping.

  1. Rebecca says:

    Cats are do good at training their humans!

    Now you’ve gotten me ruminating on the nature of education (which, admittedly, I have been doing lately.) You’re trying to teach them to think, not just find the answers. That’s what I used to think college was for, but these days college seems to be churn-them-through vocational schools. Especially when I see ratings thereof which break the value down into return on investment! sigh…

    The quilt is looking good. It looks like you got a good gray. “Modern” quilts do use gray a lot, but quite light ones.


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